Adorable Astronaut And Space Inspired Birthday Inspirations Here!

Got a budding space enthusiast on your hands? Score some major cool parenting points by throwing a space inspired birthday celebration of planetary proportions. Find everything an astronaut could possibly need — we’re talking decorations, food, favors and games — in the gallery below. A successful mission is just a few clicks away!

  • Astronaut Invites 1 of 20
    An astronaut party deserves a worthy invitation, this one is out of this world!
    This and more fun ideas here from Sarah Westbook Photography
  • Planet Earth Bouncy Balls 2 of 20
    If you could track down some planet earth bouncy balls like these, they'd make a great centerpiece or party favor!
    Inspiration via Spaceships And Laserbeams
  • Astronaut Approved 3 of 20
    This party has a ton of great ideas and inspirations, you totally want to check it out.
    See it here from Baballa
  • Cardboard Space Shuttle 4 of 20
    So awesome, right? What kid wouldn't die for their very own rocket ship?
    Inspiration via Sarah Westbrook
  • Soda Pop Rocket Launch! 5 of 20
    Mentos and Coke = epic rocket launch. Best party trick ever!
    Inspiration via Sarah Westbook Photography
  • Homemade Hovercraft 6 of 20
    I've seen these DIY hovercraft tutorials on YouTube, I'm dying to give one a try! How cool would your party be with one of these?
    See more here from Paper And Cake
  • DIY Jet Pack 7 of 20
    Launch your astronaut into orbit with a cool jet pack like this!
    See the full DIY here from Doodlecraft
  • Astronaut Necessities 8 of 20
    Make sure your astronaut is fully outfitted and prepared! This personalized bag full of favors is sure to do the trick.
    Inspiration via Life Frosting
  • Moon Rocks 9 of 20
    Spray painted rocks are immediately transformed into moon rocks, send your little astronauts on a treasure hunt to gather them up!
    Inspiration via Life Frosting
  • Astronaut ID Badges 10 of 20
    Everything looks official and legit with laminated astronaut ID badges like these. With the help of an office supply store I think these would be a breeze to make!
    Inspiration via Paper and Cake
  • Astronaut Table For A Few 11 of 20
    Paper rockets, bouncy ball planet earths, and plenty of stars. I love the simplicity of this astronaut party!
    Inspiration via Spaceships and Laser Beams
  • Mission Training Pass 12 of 20
    Make it official, have guests wear their badges and show before each activity or station.
    Inspiration via Baballa
  • Solar System Cake Pops 13 of 20
    How cool are these solar system inspired cake pops?
    Details here from Paper Plate And Plane
  • Cornflake Meteorites 14 of 20
    Turn Rice Krispie or Cornflake bars into these clever little meteorite balls for a tasty snack.
    Details and some good inspiration here from HWTM
  • Paper Lantern Planets 15 of 20
    Take basic paper lanterns and turn them into a floating solar system, so creative!
    Inspiration for these and a host of other great ideas here from The Sweetest Occasion
  • Space Crayons 16 of 20
    Set up a space station for coloring using these awesome space inspired crayons.
    Get them from Etsy seller Crayon Craft for $7
  • Space Party Fun 17 of 20
    This space party is full of all kinds of fun details, those rocket cupcake push pops are especially cool.
    See all the details here from A Little Delightful
  • Rocket Ship Kit 18 of 20
    If you have no desire to finagle a DIY rocket ship out of cardboard on your own, order a kit like this one!
    See it on my blog over at Design Mom
  • Rocket And Space Wall Decals 19 of 20
    Order some of these wall decals and then use them in your child's room when the party's over, they're super cool.
    Find them at Pop and Lolli for $153
  • Space Party 20 of 20
    Things will come together in a snap if you score stuff from this awesome space party kit for your celebration.
    Details and more here from Meri Meri


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