Advice to Keep Your Summer Productive

Summer Productivity Advice

Ah, summertime. I’ll bet you’ve spent recent days sipping lemonade while lounging on a hammock, right? No? Well, then…you must be enjoying a frosty root beer float, feet dangling from a double wide swing on a porch while an oversized fan provides a cooling breeze, I’m sure. NO? Lying on a beach? Sailing in the Caribbean? Hiking in the mountains?

Ha. As if.

Nope, if you’re like most, you’ve been trying to keep your productivity head above water while you “relax” and enjoy the summer. But never fear! It not only is possible, it’s doable! How? Glad you asked. Here are my five failproof Summer Productivity Rules.

1.  No time like the present. Chipping away at those tasks in little chunks add up fast. One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking they need work in set-aside, designated time blocks. Have a few spare moments?  Take advantage of that down time. You can get more done than you think while you are waiting for your car’s oil to get changed, or in the ten minutes before your kids are back from practice, or while your photos are uploading.

2. Set Priorities. Seriously, it’s critical. Know what needs to be done, and in order of importance.  Then start with your most important thing and work down the priority list. Otherwise you’ll find yourself having spent the past three hours completing a task and then realize you’ve got an important (unrelated) deadline in the morning.

3.  Be flexible. Don’t stress about keeping a stringent schedule, or you’re sure to be discombobulated when it gets messed up. And it will, I promise. It’s the hallmark of summer. Well, that and needed to wear your sunblock. Don’t forget your sunblock!

4.  Think long and short term. Have a list of goals…daily, weekly, monthly, lifetime. Make sure you work on each of them every single day. Excpet when you can’t. Because, you know, it’s summer. Give yourself a break.

5.  Have fun. Ugh. I know. I can’t believe I said that, either. But let’s face it…it’s true. Spend time playing fetch with your dog, giggle when your kid lets loose an awesome burp, take a walk in the rain. At the end of the day, when you’re laying in bed trying to fall asleep, those are the memories that will make you smile and know that you had a good day. And a good day is a productive day.


Your turn!

What works for you?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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