Amazing Handmade Masks By Opposite Of Far

Today I’m excited to give you a behind-the-scenes look at Opposite of Far, a super fun company based in Bloomington, Indiana, that sells handmade masks and tails for kids. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or are looking to make everyday story time extra awesome, you’ll want to check out these Opposite of Far goodies. And I know you’ll enjoy taking a look at where the magic happens, too!

Let’s get started!

  • Lion Mask 1 of 15

    As a former nanny and preschool teacher, Opposite of Far founder Jessica Near knows all about the importance of play and the encouragement of kiddos' creative imaginations. Kids are going to have a blast dressing up as their favorite animals and characters.

    Image courtesy of Opposite of Far

  • Zebra Mask & Tail 2 of 15

    No kid should have to wait for Halloween to roll around to enjoy a good costume. Each of these masks are made from layers of durable eco-felt to ensure hours and hours of fun all year long.

    Zebra Mask & Tail available for $38 from Opposite of Far

  • New Butterfly Mask 3 of 15

    This new butterfly mask is perfect for celebrating spring. Show this to your kiddo, ask them to pick out their favorite colors, and order you custom design. So easy and fun!

    Butterfly masks available for $18 from Opposite of Far

  • Turtle Power 4 of 15

    How about this turtle mask and shell set? The straps for the shell crisscross across the child's chest, so each is made custom to your child's measurements.

    Turtle Mask and Shell available for $48 from Opposite of Far

  • Springtime Barnyard 5 of 15

    Now your kiddo can have a complete set — a tan rabbit, a pink pig, a white duck, and a little white lamb — to welcome spring. Invite some friends over and put on a farmer's production!

    Spring Set available for $54  from Opposite of Far

  • Custom Superhero Masks 6 of 15

    These customizable superhero masks are perfect for birthday parties. Pick your colors; you can even request a custom fit.

    Superhero masks available for $16 from Opposite of Far

  • Mix & Match Play 7 of 15

    I love the idea of having bins or baskets filled to the brim with masks and tails. Sometimes a plain old animal doesn't cut it; you want to be a turtle-fox for the day.

    Image courtesy of Opposite of Far


  • Mask of the Month Club 8 of 15

    One of my favorite Opposite of Far offerings is the mask of the month club. You can choose a zoo, barnyard, or woodland collection and have a mask show up at your door every month. How fun is that?

    Mask of the Month Club available for $168 from Opposite of Far


  • Masks With Eyelashes 9 of 15

    When ordering your mask, don't forget to add on the eyelashes. Love!

    Eyelash Extra available for $2 from Opposite of Far

  • Living the Dream 10 of 15

    It's so exciting to see people taking their creativity to the next level. Jessica knew she wanted to make her living through the handmade and started by making and selling dolls. Now she's her own boss, working in her own space, making the things she loves, all while helping to support her family! 

    Image courtesy of Opposite of Far

  • Opposite of Far Studio 11 of 15

    This is where Jessica, with the help of her husband, makes the magic happen. Like many in the handmade goods market, Jessica got her start on Etsy, after taking some time off work following a back surgery. She launched with two designs and now has over 50!

    Image courtesy of Opposite of Far

  • Color & Texture 12 of 15

    Any DIYer would be envious of this organized and inspiring studio! Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by color and texture all day?

    Image courtesy of Opposite of Far

  • Creative Space 13 of 15

    I love the creative touches Jessica's added to her workspace. An inspiring, organized environment can be important to anyone, no matter the profession.

    Image courtesy of Opposite of Far

  • Handmade Details 14 of 15

    I love the quality of these masks and that Jessica favors eco-felts. Just one look at the craftsmanship, and it's clear Jessica takes her time with each mask made.

    Image courtesy of Opposite of Far

  • Adult-Sized Masks 15 of 15

    Remember: Near of Far completely supports grownup dress up too and offers adult-sized masks so that you and your kiddo can play together. For an extra $4, Jessica will make your mask to your size.

    Image courtesy of Opposite of Far


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