An Afternoon at the Met- Finding Peace in the Middle of NYC



I was in NYC all last week working on Picha, the new startup.

The week was full of all kinds of techie goodness: hanging out at the mothership (aka Babble HQ), attending Latino2 at Google NY HQ (here are the pictures) and attending my first NY Tech Meetup.

By Friday my head was spinning, I was eating Reese’s cups and Snickers bars constantly (always a sign I need a nap) and I was so homesick for  home-sweet-chaotic-home that I wanted to start walking to Nashville.

What does a gal do when she is heartsick, overtired and has a free afternoon in Manhattan?

She (ahem, actually it was Megan and I) goes to the Met, of course! Instant inspiration, a sense of wonder at the beauty of many of the pieces and an overwhelming feeling of awe that everything else went on hold for a few hours. (Even my feet magically quit hurting for a few hours.)


Here is a look through my lens. I hope you enjoy…

  • Artemis and a deer 1 of 30
    Artemis and a deer
  • Pillar 2 of 30
  • I just ‘knew’ I would remember the name of this piece. 3 of 30
    I just 'knew' I would remember the name of this piece.
    Anyone know?
  • Herakles the Archer 4 of 30
    Herakles the Archer
  • Tiffany 5 of 30
  • Sphinx 6 of 30
  • Lincoln 7 of 30
  • Remington 8 of 30
  • Lunch 9 of 30
    Delicious and beautiful. I left the candy bar and cookie off the table for the mini-photoshoot. You don't get this body by not eatin' sweets, y'all. 🙂
  • Irises 10 of 30
    Yep, I was too close.
  • Vincent 11 of 30
  • Sunflowers 12 of 30
    Yep, too close again. I think the security guard gave me a good talkin' to after I took this picture.
  • Intense Megan is Intense 13 of 30
    Intense Megan is Intense
    Like she is gonna kiss the lilies.
  • Corners 14 of 30
    Something about the corners struck me as so lovely.
  • Full 15 of 30
    The wide angle lens changed my life.
  • Details! 16 of 30
    Look at this. It was worth it that I was in trouble again from security for getting too close. So. worth. it.
  • The artist 17 of 30
    The artist
  • I do that stuff 18 of 30
    I do that stuff
    Just to document were I am.
  • Jackson 19 of 30
    She isn't sure she gets it, but she knows she should.
  • Headache 20 of 30
  • Old meets new 21 of 30
    Old meets new
    The new museum meets the old.
  • Stopped in her tracks 22 of 30
    Stopped in her tracks
    She didn't know I took this.
  • I do strange stuff 23 of 30
    I do strange stuff
    I think most people do this when in a strange bathroom alone. Or, I hope they do. You do this too, right?
  • Gazing 24 of 30
    I could have sat and watched night fall over the atrium for hours.
  • Perspective 25 of 30
  • Crystal sky 26 of 30
    Crystal sky
  • Graceful 27 of 30
  • Washington Crossing the Delaware 28 of 30
    Washington Crossing the Delaware
    by Emanuel Leutze.
  • Details 29 of 30
  • Upward 30 of 30


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