An Introduction to Story: The New Storytelling App from Disney

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Our lives are on our phones these days, everything from our schedules to our most treasured memories live within these tiny pieces of technology that go with us everywhere. No longer are we pulling dog-eared photos out of our wallets to show our kids off to the people next to us on the airplane, we’re scrolling through entire galleries of our lives within our phones. Photos from first birthday parties and weddings, video from trips to the park or first steps. What means the most to us is never very far away from us with a smartphone and network connection.

While we may have our lives in our phones, how often do we get our lives out of our phones and into the hands of those who would truly appreciate the time we spent capturing everyday special moments? Sure we have numerous photo sharing possibilities, but sometimes the story behind the photos gets lost without others for reference. If you’ve ever opened up your photo gallery for someone to scroll through your photos you’ve probably had to skip past a few embarrassing duds or random shots of things you had no intention of ever showing anyone. (My daughter’s gymnastics schedule for instance, I cannot for the life of me keep it on my calendar so I finally took a photo of it at her gym.)

This is where the new Story app from Disney comes into play. Story is a storytelling app that pays attention to the moments in your phone and compiles them into events you can then go in and curate into your own shareable story. Story allows you to add text, zoom, crop, rearrange and even add video. When your story is arranged perfectly you can either email it, share it on facebook or simply keep it on your phone to share with strangers on the airplane.

So many times we think a story worthy of telling has to be based off some big event, when in reality stories happen everyday. One of my favorite things to do is follow Vivi around for an hour, documenting all the little things that happen in her world during that hour. These are the stories I want to share with my family, the people who don’t get to experience everyday Vivi on a day to day basis. I’ve started making stories about the day before I go to bed, while it’s still fresh in my memory. All these little memories captured forever that are easily shared with whomever I choose.

I’m excited to see this app grow and change. I’m excited to see what other people use it for. I’m excited to leave an entire collection of stories behind for my girls, all while sharing them with my parents now. I’m also excited to show the people I’m about to sit by on the plane, Story, allowing photographic storytelling on your phone without having to show those strange self portraits we’re all guilty of having.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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