An Open Letter to the Couple Who Wrote the Music to Frozen

How about taking it down a notch in the the absolutely adorable category?!

Dear Robert Lopez and Kirsten Anderson-Lopez,

First of all, this is my first open letter.  Although I have mildly enjoyed reading other people’s angry open letters on various social media sites, I’ve never had that overwhelming urge to sit down and compose a letter that I’m not entirely sure the intended receiver will ever read. Plus, I’m not that angry.  It also may come as no surprise to you that I don’t excel at journalling (who is going to read it?!). I understand that Oprah has closets and closets full of gratitude journals but I’m assuming that’s only because she isn’t responsible for cleaning her own kitchen on a daily basis.  She’s got time to sit under that oak tree.  GOOD FOR HER! (I actually mean that).

I digress.

So you wrote some songs.

And what do I know?  Perhaps you, like many other artists, weren’t always 100% confident with what you were putting out there.  But you put it out there anyway and now millions of parents worldwide wake up in the middle of the night to grab a yoghurt or maybe a quick banana and find themselves humming “Let it Go.”


Can I call you Lopez?  If feels plural. Lopez, our family is on month SIX of not being able to “Let it Go.”  I have two girls, four and seven years of age and they are at the epicenter of full Frozen impact.  We had a cold winter here in Canada. There were a lot of indoor days where the Frozen soundtrack was on repeat and I have to be honest with you … I didn’t want to build a snowman. I wanted to rent a $20 lawn chair on a beach in MEXICO.

Okay fine, YES, I found it pretty moving when my children held hands and sang, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” Do you even know how hard it is to muffle bawl/cry into a tea towel?  And when my four-year-old threw open the front door on the first truly nice day of the season to sing-yell “IN SUMMER!!!!” I laughed so hard I started choking.

But there’s more …

My daughter was sick and we had to stay home and guess what we listened to ALL DAY?  And then this happened:


I haven’t drawn a picture in a very (very) long time. I put it on the fridge. It really does make you feel better when your artwork is covering appliances. No matter how old you are.

I fully suspect you of infusing your songs with fairy dust and have no doubt if you play them backwards they will play Maya Angelou-like inspirations. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, thank you.

Thank you for writing music that my children cannot stop singing. Yes, it gets to be a bit much sometimes (like when I’m humming it at 4am) but the fact that my girls are finding all the inflections and the comedy moments kind of makes me cry when I’m by myself.  Ultimately singing your songs has led to them making up their own songs which makes me happier than almost anything in the world.

Thank you for being involved in a film that depicts sisterly love. I’ll never forget sitting in the theater watching Frozen for the first time and thinking, “please, oh please, make the true love between the sisters and not some guy … please please please …”  There is no doubt in my mind that the film is exploding with success because girls have stories too and they are worth telling.

You are all kinds of awesome, Lopez.  If you ever come to Canada my door is open. Because love is an open door. See?!?!

Not letting it go,


P.S. I intended to make this letter really accusatory and intense (yeah right) but then I watched your video on TIME.com and good Lord — YOU TWO ARE ADORABLE.  ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!


Image courtesy of Disney Parks

Allana Harkin is a writer/actor/parent who lives in Toronto, Ontario.  Her fan base is mostly four year olds who are eternally impressed with her knowledge of dinosaurs, a skill she acquired while playing Dino Dan’s Mom on Nick Jr.  When she’s not busy working and mothering she spends her free time on the phone with Samantha Bee.

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