An organizational 2-fer: Easier gardening for mom and a sorting lesson for the toddler


My husband and I spend a lot of time in the garden.

Our two year old daughter loves to join us.

But here’s something I’m embarrassed to share.  This is my garden bag.

I’ve been using this rotten (literally, the fabric has rotted), tattered canvas bag for the past five years. Nothing is organized. Everything in it is caked in dirt. The pockets are too flimsy to hold metal tools.  I can never find anything! And the outside looks like mice got hold of it. Ugh!

It’s hard to feel legit when you don’t have the proper tools (this is a lesson I learned from my husband, a builder).

It was time to invest in a new bag: something tough, durable, easy to carry and most of all, equipped with tons of pockets for easy organization.

I eventually opted for this cool tool bag from The Home Depot over a standard gardening tote.

I finally accepted gardening totes are not substantial enough for my purposes. (Call me Attila the Hun of the garden; slugs fear me.)

The tool bag comes with a smaller tote inside which I gave to my daughter for her own mini gardening supplies: plastic shovels, spades, gloves, necklaces, rocks, sippy cups, toothbrushes (hey, a 2 year old has to be prepared).

I quickly realized there’s an added bonus to a multipocket tool bag. My daughter June is at the age where she’s obsessed with sorting; putting things in their own “proper” place.  She can spend 10 whole minutes (the equivalent of an hour in adult time) transferring wooden pegs from one container to another.

When we’re in the garden, I ask her to fetch me the proper tools from mom’s garden bag. She toddles over, grabs the spade, the twine, mom’s pen, a packet of seeds, and every time she grabs the correct tool, we clap and high five. When I’m done using a tool, I ask her to put it away in its proper pocket.

Sometimes she gets it right, sometimes she doesn’t, but she loves it! Not only is she broadening her vocabulary (every toddler needs to know what a hoe is, right?) but it’s a great way for us to spend time in the garden feeling productive and organized together.

 * A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign.  Click here to see more of the discussion.


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