An Unconventional Mother’s Day Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up soon. Every year I hear stories of the glorious Mother’s Day celebrations in other ladies’ homes. Not that I’m jealous, but seriously, it seems like a lot of y’all moms get everything from breakfast in bed, to  parades and statues celebrating all the great things you have achieved over the last year. In my house Mother’s Day is a day where a guest would notice many versions of this directive (usually said in a loud voice) “Hey, leave Mom alone. It’s Mother’s Day. She is supposed to take the day off.”

My husband usually gives me a love letter and the boys scribble their names on cards. We have never placed a high value on big gifts in our house, mostly because big gifts break the budget. Instead of asking my husband to save up and buy a gift this year, why not make my own fantasy Mother’s Day Gift Guide?

Men have fantasy football leagues. Thanks to my addiction to Pinterest, I’m making my own fantasy gift guide.

What would be on your Fantasy Mother’s Day Gift Guide? Here are some things that I think would be fabulous gifts (at least they would make fabulous gifts for me). 🙂

  • Mom’s Perfect Little Arm Chair 1 of 9
    Mom's Perfect Little Arm Chair
    If this chair doesn't say, "Build a room around me!" then no chair does. It's clean yet funky lines, bold color, and adorable scale just make me happy.
  • A pillow is worth a thousand words. 2 of 9
    A pillow is worth a thousand words.
    How much would you love to be able to pull out this pillow when a guest forgets to leave their negativity at the door? It's also a nice everyday reminder to just BE NICE.
  • Gungor. 3 of 9
    Inspiring, haunting, honest, lyrical, amazing music. They make the world a more beautiful place; give Gungor a listen.
  • In this house… 4 of 9
    In this house...
    Part inspiration, part reminder, part wall art, part affirmation. All good.
  • Caribbean Dream 5 of 9
    Caribbean Dream
    This cookware set almost makes me think I'd I cook five-course meals every night if it graced my kitchen. Almost.
  • Lytro Camera 6 of 9
    Lytro Camera
    These little gadgets are set to revolutionize photography not unlike digital photography did...and color film before that. They capture all the light in the image, not just on a flat plane allowing you to focus and frame the final image later.
  • She loves Seychelles 7 of 9
    She loves Seychelles
    Pretty sure these adorable leather sandals might just be the cutest stacked heal to come along this season. Love.
  • When you swing upon a necklace… 8 of 9
    When you swing upon a necklace...
    I just love the whimsy of this necklace...the playfulness puts a smile on my face every time. When your jewelry lifts your mood from sheer fancy, that's a good thing.
  • Clickety-clack, go look back. 9 of 9
    Clickety-clack, go look back.
    This USB typewriter is just begging to have The Great American Novel written on it. It's an actual re-purposed vintage Remington typewriter, and even can function in the old-fashioned way with real ribbon for those days when old-school is the order of the day.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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