And the winner is…

Yarn! And cookbooks! And boots! And Christmas stuff! And other stuff.

So I opened all the boxes and took out all the stuff, and wondered why I hadn’t known exactly what was in them already, because it was all stuff I love.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” Matthew 6:21

My heart is clearly in yarn, and vintage cookbooks, and boots. And Christmas.


After I unpacked the boxes and went to Home Depot, this is what I ended up with:

Boots. I am lucky that we had such a mild winter last year, because ALL my winter boots were in a box. I pulled them out and put them into a clear Sterilite bin from HomeDepot, left the lid off, and put that in the bottom of my coat closet. The bin is a huge improvement on my usual system, which was to just toss all the boots in the bottom of the closet. I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself.
Yarn. I’ve been knitting since I was 7, and over the years I’ve collected a ton of yarn in my stash. When I was married, I had to hide it, so I’d squirrel it away. And then in my old apartment in New York I didn’t have a place for it, so I’d stick a few skeins here and there tucked away. But now that I have a basement, I can keep it all together and nicely moth-proofed with some cedar chips. I put it in a clear Sterilite bin from Home Depot (so I can see the yarn even when I’m not knitting with it) and am about to carry it down to the basement.


Cookbooks. I’m fascinated by regional and historical food, so I collect vintage cookbooks and church fundraiser cookbooks. So now that I have them back, I put them in this Espresso Wall Unit with Cubbie Storage from Home Depot. (It’s not up on the wall yet, because I’m waiting for my handy friend Sarah to come help me hang it.) But look how nice the books look! And I can get to them, so any time I want to make an aspic, or concoct an entire meal from things I can buy in a can, I’m ready. (If anyone has a line on the edition of The Joy of Cooking that was released before the edition on the left in the photo, let me know.)



Christmas stuff. I have a lot for someone who used to live in an apartment, but not much for someone who now lives in a house. I need more. I’ve almost filled this one lovely Sterilite box from Home Depot, and think that I’ll end up with two more boxes just like this full of lights and garland before the year is over. (My kids will be rolling their eyes.) Did I mention that my mom scored me a free light-up lawn reindeer?
Other things of note found in the boxes:

1. There was one box that contained one navy blue suit on a hanger in a dry cleaner plastic bag. Nothing else. One suit.
2. The adorable picture of my dad from when he was a year old that’s up at the header of this post.
3. My Bundt cake pan. Oh, the cakes to be had now!
4. Socks. Apparently I used all our unmatched socks as packing material. Am I stupid?

I know that some of the bloggers who did this Home Depot challenge ended up with huge walls of organization, but that’s not really my style. The combination of storage bins and shelves I ended up with allowed me to unpack my things, see them, and put them places that were organized, out of the way, but still accessible to me. So now I have no full boxes in my garage, and I can get to all my stuff! What could be better? Thank you so much, Home Depot, for giving me the chance to do this sponsored post and get my things back again.


A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.


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