Anderson Cooper’s Love/Hate Relationship with Moms

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Anderson, Anderson, Anderson.  Why, oh WHY, are you doing this to me?

I’ve always thought you were a top-notch journalist, not afraid to charge into the dangerous war zones or natural disaster areas to bring us the news, a true sign of a seriously committed journalist.  Not to mention that fine, form-fitting black tee-shirt you take with you.

But now I’m thinking that I might have to take back all the good thoughts I’ve had about your way with a news story in light of a topic you’ve chosen for your daytime show.

While the title of the episode on your home page is “Who is Happier: Stay-at-Home Moms or Moms Who Work Outside the Home,” one little click tells me all I need to know about what this hour of daytime TV is really going to be about — “Are Stay-at-Home Moms Lazy?

I know you’re just following up on an “important” new study that suggests mothers who work outside the home are happier and healthier than ones who stay at home to raise their children.  I’m not exactly sure where you’re headed when you get to women like me — work-at-home moms — when your advertised example of one is a phone sex operator.  This is not going to help me when my husband asks what I’ve got on my work agenda.

I know your producers probably told you that this is mom vs. mom topic is one that we’re all are still fighting about.  I guess they missed some of the other writing that’s been done on the subject.  In case you’re interested, mothers are pretty much done with that.  It’s too exhausting to put down our fellow moms, and we’ve got other more important stuff to do.  Like, you know, eating bon bons while our kids are are running through the house with matches and sharp objects.

So please don’t take us back into the trenches of the Mommy Wars again or fan the flames of mommy guilt in a Jerry Springer sort of way. There are so many other stories to report on that would make for equally entertaining daytime viewing.  Also, you might want to be careful.  I know two women who will come and kick that cute patootie of yours if you do a show like this again.

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