Ann Romney: “Moms Hold the Country Together”

Ann Romney was supposed to convince the American voters last night that her husband Mitt Romney is the guy they can trust to run the country for the next four years. But I’m wondering whether she accomplished that.

Yes, I’m am little biased, being a progressive Democrat and all. But when I listen to any rah-rah speeches at any convention, I’m a skeptic. So you tell me — did Ann Romney do her job last night with the Republicans at the convention and with the undecided voters? Did she convince you that her husband is the one who should move into the White House in 2013?

I didn’t expect Mitt’s wife to dive into the talking points about the economy or gas prices. I certainly wasn’t surprised that the phrase “birth certificate” didn’t pop up in her prepared remarks.  She stayed with certain themes of working moms and what a great husband Mitt is.

But is that even enough for the GOP faithful?

Here are some excerpts from her speech that she said was based on the theme of love:

“They are here among us tonight in this hall; they are here in neighborhoods across Tampa and all across America. The parents who lie awake at night side by side, wondering how they’ll be able to pay the mortgage or make the rent; the single dad who’s working extra hours tonight, so that his kids can buy some new clothes to go back to school, can take a school trip or play a sport, so his kids can feel … like the other kids.

“And the working moms who love their jobs but would like to work just a little less to spend more time with the kids, but that’s just out of the question with this economy. Or that couple who would like to have another child, but wonder how will they afford it.

“It’s the moms who always have to work a little harder, to make everything right”

Moms do work hard to juggle all the things that keep a family running. But after praising mothers, Ann moved into a little talk about how much she trusted Mitt when they were dating, when they were first married, and through her medical challenges. But I’m not sure that reminiscing about how she trusted Mitt relates to mothers being able to trust him to run the country.  Is that something we should really be focusing on when it comes to electing a president? The person who will essentially be the leader of the free world?

I’m sure that if we take politics out of it, Ann Romney is probably a very nice person. But as a political spouse, she would have scored bigger with undecided voters if she had spoken a bit about what her husband is going to do for all the working moms in America who do sigh more (as she put it it) and worry more and work more than they’d like to and hold their families together. A splash of how the Republicans mean to make life a little better for struggling families would have worked wonders.

Plenty of pundits claim Ann was off the charts and scored big for Mitt. But I don’t think her words convinced many of the moms who had to get up for work this morning that her husband’s policies will help their families.

Did you watch Ann Romney’s convention speech? What did you think about her comments?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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