Annie’s Favorite Ways To Eat Yogurt

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Annie loves yogurt, and thank goodness for that because if she didn’t, getting her to eat in the morning would be even more challenging than it already is. While she may be hot and cold about eggs (and even pancakes…what?!), Annie will always eat yogurt. Since yogurt is so can’t miss ‘round these parts, Mike and I have gotten tricky and supplemented it with other things to fill out little Miss Annie’s diet. Here are a few of her (and our) favorites:

Fresh Fruit – You can buy yogurt with fruit already in it, but a healthier alternative is to get plain yogurt and serve it with fresh fruit from the produce section. While you could add any type of fruit, the ones that go over best with Annie are strawberries, bananas, raspberries, and peaches. The prep is really easy – just chop up the fruit, stir it into the yogurt, and serve!

Vegetables – We often pop one or two pieces of broccoli (or another vegetable) into the blender and dice it up nice and fine, then stir it into some flavored yogurt. We are always mindful not to put so much in that it affects the taste, but there is nothing more satisfying than watching Annie wolf down her breakfast totally unaware that she is also getting her daily veggies.

Cereal – Raisin bran and granola mix well into yogurt, and Annie really enjoys the crunch in her yogurt. This adds some important fiber to her diet, and fills her up, too.

Mystery Items – We have found that if you give Annie a piece of toast, bacon, or pancake, it may sit on her plate uneaten. But if you give her the same item alongside some yogurt she will add it to her yogurt and polish it off! Yes, it is a little weird seeing her gnawing on a yogurt covered piece of bacon, but hey, whatever gets her eating, right?

Does your kid love yogurt? Know any fun tricks like ours to make it even better?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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