Appy Holidays!

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Since the day after Halloween I’ve been pitched all kinds of holiday/Christmas/Hannukah/New Years/Kwanza/Solstice phone apps for miles. There’s the one where you follow Santa on Christmas Eve (which I blogged about last week). Hell, there’s even one where you follow Hanukkah Harry on Christmas eve!

No there isn’t. But I did find this which is totally awesome and weird. Anyway. In the spirit of the season, I thought I’d pitch a few of my very own holiday applications.

1. Surround Smell: Christmas Tree Edition We will not be getting a Christmas tree this year (nor have we ever had a Christmas tree) … maybe because we’re leaning more toward Jewish traditions in our home but also, next week we’ll be in San Diego with my family where we all shop for a tree and decorate it together. Still. There is NOTHING festive about our house right now and that’s kind of sad. The smell of Christmas trees would certainly do this guy some good. I’m kind of totally craving me some holiday spirit right about now. See next app:

2. The Zooey Deschanel: She sings. She dances. She says all the right things. She even loves and dates elves. What more could someone want in a friend this time of year? Download “The Zooey D” and you’re sure to be festive and a lot more fun than you currently feel, typing this post in your sweatpants and Baby Bjorn with a pacifier tangled in your hair.

…I kind of want to live inside the Zooey D app, actually. Can someone in App-land (Appalachia?) make that APPen? (Sorry. I had to.)


3. The White Christmas 24/7 App: Have I ever told you I’m obsessed with White Christmas? If it was up to me I’d have it playing 24/7 on my television year round. Or in this case, my mobile device. I would appreciate Bing Crosby as my ringer, actually. OR “Sisters” by the Haynes sisters thankyouverymuch.


4. The Keep it All Together, Woman, What is your Problem!??? App:  This one not only organizes and sorts through holiday madness by compartmentalizing it all so you don’t have to, but ALSO decides which teacher gets what gift and what donations go where and which boxes should be sign(ed) for what items on which wish list(s) and what date/time the recital(s) are and OH GOD, I only have two kids to keep straight and I’m already failing and confused! AHHHH!

5. The NApp: An App that covers for you while you hibernate in your car for a day or two or twelve.

6. The Stop and Smell Your Family App – Sometimes, with all the craziness and the business and engagements one forgets what this time of year is all about: sitting around a fire with the people you love. I’ve been so stressed out and emotional and weird these last few weeks that I’ve forgotten how much I love this time of year. I’d like an app to help me get back on track, please.


Christmas 2010, decorating the gingerbread house with (a tiny! so young looking!) Fable

What about you guys? If you could invent a special app to help with holiday madness/awesome, what would it be?

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