Are American kids less important than their peers in the UK?

kraftmacFood coloring is just bad news. There are scientific studies that have been done linking artificial food dyes to everything from cancer to hyperactivity. And lest you think that by advocating against these dyes you are somehow taking fun out of your child’s life, let me assure you that it is completely possible to make natural dyes. Companies don’t like to do it because it is a much pricier alternative. But our children’s health is at stake here.


The problem? We are okay with the dyes. How else can you explain the “Rainbow Pasta” recipe that has made its way around the web? Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 12.08.43 PMGizmodo featured it, and Swiss-Miss even joked “Yes, food coloring is bad for you. I get that. Obviously, I wouldn’t feed these to my kids daily.”  But here’s the thing, most people don’t know that it’s bad. Otherwise they wouldn’t feverishly pin this poisonous pasta.


We need to let Kraft know that food coloring is unacceptable. It’s always bad and we as consumers need to step up and show our support for those trying to change things. This isn’t a minor matter. Food dyes may cause cancer, hyperactivity, and thyroid tumors. And we’ve known this information since as far back as 1981.

Not okay…even sometimes.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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