Are You Elf Enough?

Are You Elf Enough? (photo by via

I’ll be honest, Elf on the Shelf isn’t my favorite thing in the world.  It takes a lot of work to move a little elf around the house every morning.  I’m hoping my daughter doesn’t remember him this year and I’m off the hook. If you are clueless as to what I’m talking about here’s a little overview:

Elf on the Shelf: A little elf that supposedly reports back to Santa each night on your kids behavior. Because he leaves every single night, you have to move him to a new location every. single. night. and hope your kid can find him in the morning.  Some parents take it to a whole new level and stage “mischief” scenarios.  I am one of the overachievers…..but only during the day when my kid is at school.

Last year I started a series of posts with Elf on the Shelf ideas for parents but it slowly started to turn into inappropriate elf mischief. The adult version of Elf on the Shelf ended up being a lot more fun.  I started way too early this year, back in October, with the “Are You Elf Enough?” recreation of the Time Magazine Attachment Parenting Cover.  And now I need an elf intervention……although, I might be willing to take special requests.  Here are 14 more of my favorites from this year so far and a few from last year:

  • Hangover 2 Elf 1 of 15
    Hangover 2 Elf
    You're gonna freak out, but it's gonna be okay.
  • Camel Toe Elf 2 of 15
    Camel Toe Elf
    Someone's got a case of the "mom jeans".....
  • Octomom Elf 3 of 15
    Octomom Elf
    Barbie's Dream House is over capacity.
  • Flava Flav Elf 4 of 15
    Flava Flav Elf
    Yeah booooyyyy!
  • Bum Photocopying Elf 5 of 15
    Bum Photocopying Elf
    It's not as inappropriate if it's a cute little elf bum.
  • Mafia Elf 6 of 15
    Mafia Elf
    He's wishing for syrup-boarding.....
  • Extreme Body Piercing Elf 7 of 15
    Extreme Body Piercing Elf
    Elvin self expression.
  • Kidney Theft Elf 8 of 15
    Kidney Theft Elf
    Call 911.....your kidney's been stolen.
  • Daniel Day-Elf 9 of 15
    Daniel Day-Elf
    "With malice towards none, with charity for all….."
  • Occupy Elf 10 of 15
    Occupy Elf
    Like we need any more regulations.....
  • Insta-Elf 11 of 15
    "First b*tches"
  • Insider Trading Elf 12 of 15
    Insider Trading Elf
    He's got the inside scoop on the toy market.
  • Elf Shaming 13 of 15
    Elf Shaming
    Comic Sans is always a travesty.
  • Hey Girl Elf 14 of 15
    Hey Girl Elf
    Ryan Gosling would be proud.
  • Slim Jim Elf 15 of 15
    Slim Jim Elf
    He's got carjacking skills.


And you can see all the Elf on the Shelf antics from this year and last year at the link below! Enjoy!


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