Are You Smart Enough To Shop at the 99 Cents Store?

Logo_99cent_400aThe other day I talked my kids into getting our shop on at the 99 Cents Only store. I hadn’t taken them in awhile (by awhile I mean a few months) and I think we’d all forgotten just what a deal mecca this place is. When the kids were younger I thought of the 99 Cents store as a great place to burn off forty minutes. I figured even if they trashed the toy aisle what would that cost me? Eight bucks? Still cheaper than an indoor playground and less chance of contracting hantavirus.¬† Even if it’s a particularly germy store, I could always pick up a bottle of hand sanitizer for…99 cents bitch!Another thing that’s great about this place is the pure randomness of what you can find. You can get a mouse trap, suspenders and a plastic sombrero all in the same aisle. But the thing that really hit me on this last trip was all the actual great discounts you can find. There were so many that I started snapping pictures of them to pass along to you, my favorite readers. So enjoy and share!

  • Sunglasses 1 of 10
    Um, a dollar for some shades? Yes please. Consider if you will the fact that I have broken or lost every pair of sunglasses I have ever purchased for more than $50 bucks within a week of owning them. The sunglasses I buy at mall a kiosk that are 2 for 20 last a few months longer. But 99 cents? I bet I'll be buried in these!
  • Baskets 2 of 10
    Putting together a kick-ass raffle basket but don't want to spend $15 at Michael's? This is your ticket.
  • Poster Board 3 of 10
    Poster Board
    Have you ever been to Office Depot or Staples to get poster board only to realize that at those prices you may as well have the poster printed up at Kinkos? I know right? Well here is where I'm now going for all my poster board and it's not even 99 cents! It's 59 cents! It costs you money NOT to buy it!
  • Jesus mugs 4 of 10
    Jesus mugs
    Sometimes you just need stuff with Jesus on it. I mean I don't because I'm Jewish and I don't live in a house with wall to wall shag carpeting and tin foil on the windows. But you might need some and if you do, the 99 Store has quite the selection.
  • School supplies 5 of 10
    School supplies
    Look at all these great things for back to school! I for one love erasers. Maybe you can't buy a lunch box here but you can buy pretty much everything else.
  • Cleansers 6 of 10
    We all know that buying cleaning products can pretty much clean you out (like your bank account)(see what I did there?) but here at the 99 cents only store you can wash your dishes twice if you want. You don't want to do that I know but you could. That's all I'm saying. Let's move on. I feel like you're getting an attitude and I'm only trying to help you.
  • Tablerunner 7 of 10
    I'm going to be honest, I'm still a little angry over how you reacted to that last picture but I'm going to be the bigger person and let it go. So, how about a table runner? What if I tell you it's only 99 cents? That's what I thought. I have one on my table right now and I paid almost twice that much for it!
  • Food 8 of 10
    Now we're really starting to cook am I right? #PunsAreFun. These super-sized soups are guessed it, 99 cents. There is lots of other food from candy to fruit roll-ups to fresh produce at my store. You can even get pomegranates at my local and everyone knows pomegranates are my favorite fruit. Yes. EVERYONE.
  • Art stuff 9 of 10
    Art stuff
    Forget craft stores! Get a bunch of art stuff from glue sticks to glitter to construction paper, they have it all for a fraction of the price! Now go shop!
  • h 10 of 10

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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