As a Mom, I Try Not to Swear … But Why is Swearing So Much Fun?

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At least this guy can’t understand me yet!

Now that my daughter is 3, I’m trying really hard not to swear. I don’t actually swear ALL that much, I swear. Ha! No really, I had a conservative upbringing and the thou-shall-not-swear thing has always stuck with me!

I don’t even use the R-rated swear words like, ever. Hardly ever … ¬†Almost never.

But I do have my words I like to say, and now that my daughter can repeat them back to me, I need to cut it out. But swearing just feels so good!

Please note, I’m not condoning swearing. I actually think it’s pretty crass and can be super destructive.

And yet? I still love it when I do it! And that got me thinking? Why, for the most part, is swearing so much fun?!

I came up with 5 reasons.

1. It makes you feel powerful. Oh I know it’s totally like a false power, and “speak softly and carry a big stick” or something like that, but sometimes you need a big stick, and you don’t have one, so your mouth creates one for you with a curse word!

2. It lets people know you’re serious. Like I said, I don’t swear very much, so if I happen to drop a little tiny baby swearword every now and then, my husband looks up from what he’s doing, albeit slightly annoyed, and pays attention. It’s like, “Hey man, I’m letting loose of my moral compass I’m so mad. You better listen to what I have to say!”

3. It’s direct. Oh yes, I am a believer in using words to describe your desires and intentions, wishes and dreams. But when you’re mad, or sad, or REALLY excited, a swear word speeds things up a lot.

4. It’s irresponsible.

5. It relieves stress. Try it! Next time you’re so stressed out, go to a place where no one can hear you (especially your tiny one) and repeat your favorite swearword over and over and over. After a while the word is going to start to sound really silly, and you’ll have no choice but to realize how RIDICULOUS you’re acting, and then start giggling for acting like a pre-teen, and the stress magically dissipates.

Ok, do you know how many times I had to NOT swear while writing about how much fun swearing is?!

Go forth, and be classy,


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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