At Least They Will Both Eat Donettes

Sometimes I think that my kids might be the pickiest eaters in the world.

My son loves bagels, but only onion bagels. He won’t even eat plain. I do not understand this, but I have no choice but to acknowledge it when it comes to grocery shopping. My daughter only eats American or cheddar cheese. My son only eats cheddar cheese sticks, only Parmigiano-Reggiano on his spaghetti, and ONLY swiss on his burgers. My daughter is a chicken nugget away from being a vegetarian and my son won’t eat soup, mashed potatoes, pudding or ice cream.

Neither one of them will eat a black bean without a fight.

I honestly shouldn’t complain. These children have come a long way. There was a time (and I swear that this is true) my daughter would only eat pasta if it was elbow shaped.

She had a total fit when once on vacation a great Aunt purchased rotini. My daughter lost her mind. This wasn’t “regular” pasta! I finally convinced her that all pasta was the same by showing her the ingredients on the box of rotini next to an empty box of elbow macaroni manufactured by the same company.

She believed me after that.

She couldn’t read yet. I’m not sure why that worked, but it did, and I’m glad.

When they were four their pickiness got so out of hand that we had to institute a “trying thing” policy. Every single night they would try something new (this was easy because they were down to pasta, goldfish and bananas – the all yellow diet). They had to have four bites because they were four years old. When they turned five it became five bites. It worked. It turned out that they both liked raw bell peppers, chocolate milk, corn and shrimp.

I still can’t get them to eat beef stew or chili.

My daughter will pick around the beef and tomatoes in spaghetti sauce and eat the onions.

And for a guy that eats a lot of french fries my son gets really freaked out by other forms of potato.

I don’t get them.

I suppose I should cut them a break. I didn’t like tomatoes until I was 27 and I was in my 30s before I really started eating fish on a regular basis. I hate every single variety of olive and it still freaks me out if I have to touch mustard.

The apples don’t fall very far from the trees, I guess.

But all three of us will eat Donettes.

I make them drink milk with their chocolatey donettes, but they are cool with that. They think that this is the best job I have ever had. I think they might be right.


* * *


Many thanks to Hostess for sponsoring this post and for providing me and family with a supply of Donettes. Find out more about Hostess Donettes at their Facebook fan page.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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