At What Age Do Kids “Age Out” Of Dressing Up?

I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I decided that trick-or-treating wasn’t cool anymore, but I do remember feeling kind of sad about all the candy and fun I knew I was missing out on! It’s kind of a rite of passage isn’t it, aging out of Halloween?

Even those few years before your child actually stops dressing up can be a kind of in-between phase. Kids don’t want to seem too excited or get too enthusiastic about dressing up, but they still enjoy going around with their friends (of course the sugar is a big perk too). I spotted these darling masks from Kitchy Digitals a while ago and thought they would make a perfect transition costume for that child in the in-between stage, click through the gallery below to see what I mean!

I know some families have a hard and fast rule when it comes to what age is appropriate to stop trick-or-treating, while others tend to play it by ear. I’d love to hear how you handle it at your house.

  • Masks For All Ages 1 of 10
    Masks For All Ages
    While a mask might be a perfect costume idea for an older child, there's no reason the rest of the family can't get in on the fun. These masks would make a great addition to any dress-up box.
  • Wall Hangings 2 of 10
    Wall Hangings
    They can be re-purposed as decorations when not in use, pretty smart, eh?
  • Black Cat 3 of 10
    Black Cat
    This pulls together easily with a black shirt and leggings. Add a jaunty scarf and suddenly you've got a very French kitty instead, no?
  • Feline Fun 4 of 10
    Feline Fun
    The great thing about masks is that you really don't need to concern yourself with an elaborate costume. Simply wear the mask and keep everything else basic and you're ready to go!
  • Beautiful Butterfly 5 of 10
    Beautiful Butterfly
    Pair a pretty dress with this colorful butterfly mask and be transformed!
  • Fox or Cat? You Tell Me 6 of 10
    Fox or Cat? You Tell Me
    Either one is just as cute!
  • Dressed For Dessert 7 of 10
    Dressed For Dessert
    Who doesn't love cupcakes and donuts?
  • Lion’s Roar 8 of 10
    Lion's Roar
    I can imagine this lion's mask would provide for hours of play and imagination.
  • Everyday Superhero 9 of 10
    Everyday Superhero
    Clark Kent was just an average guy in regular clothes too.
  • Put A Mask On It 10 of 10
    Put A Mask On It
    Masks can be such fun, for Halloween and dress-up alike, especially as your child transitions out of the whole Halloween thing. I'm curious to know at what age YOU stopped dressing up and do you have any advice for parents (like me) whose children are on the verge of this sort of thing?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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