Awkward Engagement Photos That Will Make You Not Want To Get Married, Like, EVER

Even before I chose to get hitched at a judge’s house in the Utah mountains on the spur of the moment, I absolutely knew I would never be half of a couple who chose to send out engagement photos. It’s just not my way to stand in some posed posture of love with a babbling brook rambling behind us into the sunset. Not that I begrudge those who do, in fact, I enjoy looking at engagement photos and wedding invitations and always promptly display them on my fridge.

But, after taking a gander at the collection of photos you’re about to behold, deciding to spontaneously get married and forgo the whole engagement process, yes, even the ring part – I don’t regret a thing.

My advice? Simple. No poses. Do what you normally do and let a photographer shoot that. If you get a pro, he or she will find the beauty in your relationship without you putting on a sickening love display. Take the following photos under advisement before you plan your engagement shots.  I think I can tell you with some assurance that the preponderance of nudity about to assault your eyes isn’t even the most puzzling thing about each photo…

  • image-10 1 of 21
  • ?!?!?! 2 of 21
    So I must've looked at this photo ten times before I saw the snake. NO, that's not a euphemism. Look closely and you'll see that this couple was going for an Adam & Eve thing... I think?
  • Parking Meters 3 of 21
    Parking Meters
    I just don't know what's going on here.
  • Tree Stump Love 4 of 21
    Tree Stump Love
    All I can think of is that her crack is probably showing.
  • Port-a-Potty Lovin’ 5 of 21
    Port-a-Potty Lovin'
    What is the motivation for this photo? I just don't understand.
  • Here Are My Boobs 6 of 21
    Here Are My Boobs
  • Train Tracks 7 of 21
    Train Tracks
    This takes the ever popular train track backdrop to new lows.
  • Mermaid? 8 of 21
    Just hanging around in our uncomfortable wet clothes loving on each other.
  • No Dumping 9 of 21
    No Dumping
    The fact that I would choose this scenario if forced at gunpoint to pick an engagement photo for myself from this bunch says A LOT.
  • Shirts Vs. Skins 10 of 21
    Shirts Vs. Skins
    He frightens me. That is all.
  • Peter Pan & Tinkerbell 11 of 21
    Peter Pan & Tinkerbell
  • Leg Love 12 of 21
    Leg Love
    So happy together?
  • Drinking Fountain 13 of 21
    Drinking Fountain
    Because sharing a drinking fountain is super romantic.
  • Star Wars Engagement 14 of 21
    Star Wars Engagement
    If this is what their engagement photo looks like I cannot even fathom the wedding.
  • I Just Can’t Even 15 of 21
    I Just Can't Even
    "Grams! Here's our disposable camera, can you snap a shot of us for our wedding invitation?"
  • King Arthur’s Court 16 of 21
    King Arthur's Court
    Here ye, here ye! You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of blah blah blah...
  • From Here To Eternity 17 of 21
    From Here To Eternity
    If I had a nickle for every time my husband and I did this I'd be... broke.
  • Phantom of the Opera 18 of 21
    Phantom of the Opera
    I have to say, any guy that would seriously want to pose for this photo is a guy I don't want to marry.
  • Cool Customers 19 of 21
    Cool Customers
    This is my favorite. I can't explain why, it just is.
  • We’er Engaged! And Here Are My Bitchin’ Tats! 20 of 21
    We'er Engaged! And Here Are My Bitchin' Tats!
    Babe. We're gonna show my bitchin' tats in the pic and that's that. Don't like it, don't marry me.
  • Too Sexy For His Shirt 21 of 21
    Too Sexy For His Shirt
    That man's chest is smoother than any chest has a right to be, including mine.

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