Babble Does Halloween

The week of Halloween in New York was a supremely tough one. Hurricane Sandy hit hard, leaving behind massive devastation, darkness, and dampened spirits city-wide. For that entire week, Babble’s SoHo office was inaccessible. Our dedicated teams managed to keep things moving remotely, missing our beloved HQ all the while.

When we returned bright and early the following Monday, exchanging storm stories and beyond grateful to see each other. Because a delayed Halloween party is much (!) better than no party at all, we decided to go ahead and celebrate! There’s nothing like kids, candy, costumes, and pumpkins when it comes to a good time. The photos below from Babble’s Pumpkin-Palooza prove that Babble does Halloween the right way!

  • Babble … in costume! 1 of 12
    Babble ... in costume!
    Familiar faces at Babble HQ took on a new look. Catherine Connors transformed into Super Woman, Rufus became Robin, and Ramon started looking might princely. Rufus' son, Grey, and Catherine's son Jasper teamed up to keep us all safe from the bad guys!
  • Get the bad guy! 2 of 12
    Get the bad guy!
    The kids in attendance promptly decided that Sean Mills, CEO of, was the bad guy.
  • Get that other bad guy! 3 of 12
    Get that other bad guy!
    A dinosaur-clad Aaron was next in line for bad-guyhood.
  • The spread 4 of 12
    The spread
    Naturally, Halloween calls for quite a hefty spread of goodies. Spiced apple cider and candy? Of course! Falafel? Sure, why not!
  • Sugar galore 5 of 12
    Sugar galore
    Unsurprisingly, the younger contingent (Rufus' sons Grey and Declan) preferred the candy.
  • Team edit carving a pumpkin 6 of 12
    Team edit carving a pumpkin
    Next, it was time for pumpkin carving! Team edit chose to carve a cat -- Catherine's daughter Emilia made the executive decision.
  • Captain America helped out! 7 of 12
    Captain America helped out!
    Captain America decided she'd like to carve fellow superhero the Hulk!
  • Pumpkin carving 8 of 12
    Pumpkin carving
    As you can see, there were several teams at work!
  • Aaron and Mickey 9 of 12
    Aaron and Mickey
    Aaron was particularly proud of team intern's Mickey pumpkin!
  • Glowing Mickey 10 of 12
    Glowing Mickey
    As you can see, Mickey looks great as a jack-o-lantern!
  • The finished products 11 of 12
    The finished products
    Allow us to dazzle you with our pumpkin carving skills!
  • Two Catherines? 12 of 12
    Two Catherines?
    Did Catherine master the art of cloning? Oh wait ... that's just Reece.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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