Back At It

It has been 233 days since I wrote my last post on my now eerily silent blog called Bacon Is My Enemy. At this juncture I can hardly qualify myself as a writer but here I find myself back at it again. Fate (God, Allah, divine being at ZanziBabble …) has intervened, given me a shake down and set me back on course. Left to my own devices, I would just live life day to day, nonchalantly fluttering here and there getting lost in the moment. Look there’s a garden! And in the garden there’s a flower! And on the flower is a ladybug! Three hours later and I am still staring at the fleck of pollen on the wing of a ladybug who was resting on the pink petal of a peony in the garden of the blue house on the way to the corner market. And 233 days later I have forgotten what a computer looks like.

Actually, a lot has happened since December. In January I started a new job and have been working like crazy since. In February I did a little traveling. In March, my daughter Paige and I decided to move from our Vashon Island rental back into that we house we own in Seattle. (Actually, I made the decision to move and Paige called it “THE MOST DEVASTATING THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME!”) In April, I started breaking out with a terrible skin rash all over my body for no discernible reason.

And in May? Don’t even get me started on the month that was dedicated to all things prom …

Paige Prom 2011

Though it did turn out lovely, didn’t it?

And if that wasn’t enough action, during a stretch of glorious sunny weather I contracted a bacterial infection which entailed emergency surgery and 3 weeks of recovery at home and in bed. Hence, there was a marathon session with seven seasons of Star Trek: Next Generation and subsequent conversations explaining to Paige that Wesley Crusher is the same kid from the movie Stand By Me who also did a cameo appearance on this show she loves called The Big Bang Theory. WAY! NO WAY! WAY!

I know, so sad.

Luckily, however, while I was in bed contemplating who had better plot lines – Commander Riker or Lt. Commander Data – the nice folks here at Babble stood over my corpse, prodded me in the rib a couple of times and said, “Hey you. You still alive in there?” When I responded with a slight groan and a hand gesture, they threw me a lifeline and told me stop watching reruns of Star Trek. “Remember? The computer is meant for writing, not watching movies, Giyen. Can you spell W-R-I-T-I-N-G?”

So here I am back at it again. Resurrecting my writing skills and stretching my creative muscles. And dare I say, boldly going where no Giyen has gone before ….

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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