Back to School Goals — For Me

It’s the day after Labor Day, and that means one thing:

Shit’s about to get real, yo.

While I’ve had no slacking of work in August, there’s still something about this day that pushes you to feel like it’s time to shake off the summer doldrums and get down to work. It’s in our bones, this end-of-summer-back-to-school feeling, regardless of the actual temperature out (it’s likely to stay plenty warm here in the Philly area for another six weeks or so).

The pools are closed, most schools have started back up (two more days for us; that’s forty five hours from now, or 2700 or so minutes, not that I’m counting; WHAT?).

My mother (who lives with us) went back to teaching today after having the summer off from classes at her college. I’m in the office working and writing with an eye to my to-do list today.

But I’m having trouble shifting into action here.

It’s probably because I checked out over the weekend, more fully than I’ve done in a long time. I celebrated my husband’s birthday, had a lazy pool day on Saturday, and then curled up with my family and watched two full seasons of Dr. Who (okay, I watched Dr. Who and my family enjoyed less geeky pursuits).

Jump starting my brain today is a challenge. So I’ve decided to create a back-to-school list of goals. I wrote the other day about how this time of year feels like a fresh start, so I’m taking this opportunity to set some simple goals for myself. Seriously simple.

Here they are.

• I will go to the gym three days a week. Yes, I will. Really.

• I will do my laundry weekly so that I don’t have to sit around with no bra on for the day because all of mine are in the wash yes, even the emergency one which means I’m trapped in the house and can’t get to said gym.

• I will not watch Dr. Who episodes during work hours. Ahem.

• I will blog on my personal blog every day, Monday to Friday, even if the posts are short.

• I will close the computer after my daughter gets home from school for at least an hour (in addition to the dinner to bedtime time we hang out), even if it means I have to do my work into the night after she’s asleep.

• I will shower at least every other day; this every three days crap has to stop (for the record, I have super dry skin and get itchy if I bathe daily). Good news: fall coming on means no more leg shaving!

• I will start making meal plans with the family each week and suck it up financially (because I prefer organic) to have fresh fruit and veggies in the house at all times because I always eat them if they are here.

Have you set any goals now that the kids are (or soon will be) out from underfoot? I’d love to know.


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