Backyard Tool Organization Made Simple

Last week I wrote about storage solutions to whip your basement back into shape. As you may recall, we used sturdy steel shelving (and some waterproof plastic tubs) to contain the chaos and horror that had once been our basement. Well, this week I’m using that exact same steel shelving from the Home Depot to make a handy-dandy outdoor tool shelf – one large enough to hold unwieldy yard and garden implements like rakes and shovels, but with room for smaller items, too.

Most steel shelving has wood composite board (or similar) shelves, which are easy to remove and work with. After putting the steel frame together according to the instructions provided, the shelves typically slip easily into the frame one by one. In order to make space for our larger yard tools, we deviated from standard protocol after assembly and used a circular saw to cut one 2″x36″ rectangular hole in each of the shelves, then trimming the excised scrap wood into thin slats which we secured to the shelf with wood screws, thereby creating separate slots  for each of our tools, like so:


Neat, right?

This improvisation added mere minutes to the overall assembly of the shelving unit, and as you can see, created a super-tidy custom organized tool shelf:


A bit better than having your tools piled in a corner of the yard, exposed to the elements and rusting, right? OH, INDEED.

What area of your home – inside or outside – needs the most organization help? Have you ever improvised and used something for organization or storage in a way that it wasn’t intended, but that worked for you and fit your needs?


A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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