Balanced Breakfast in a Blender: The Simple Sweet Teen Power Smoothie

They say there’s nothing more important than a balanced breakfast. But, when your mornings move quickly and time is of the essence, how do you serve one up before your kids run out the door? Enter this yummy, homemade, power-packed breakfast in a blender! This simple sweet power smoothie is my teenagers favorite. Although I wouldn’t consider her a morning person, when I greet her with her power smoothie, she’s all smiles (usually). I get extra points for using a cute straw.

  • Quick, easy, yummy 1 of 8

    Exhibit A: Our kitchen counter on any given morning.

  • Gather up the goods 2 of 8

    Milk, banana, peanut butter, chocolate powder, ice and of course, the blender.

  • Step 1 3 of 8

    Cut up the banana and put it into the blender.

  • Step 2 4 of 8

    Add scoop or scoops of peanut butter. We use a smooth variety that's lower in sugar than some others.

  • Step 3 5 of 8

    Pour in the milk. About 10 oz. This is the only way my daughter will drink milk so I choose to use lowfat cow's milk. You can substitute any other variety of milk you'd like.

  • Steps 5 & 6 6 of 8

    Add a scoop or two of chocolate powder and then some crushed ice. You can substitute the powder & milk with chocolate milk if you keep that on hand. You can also add a scoop of protein powder for a super-boost.

  • Blend and pour 7 of 8

    Once you blend up all the ingredients, pour your smoothie into a cup (we use a reusable cup with a lid to avoid mishaps) and add a cute straw if you're into that kind of thing. Which I totally am.

  • The end result 8 of 8

    Your kids will love you for this!


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