My Week of Banner Mistakes – I Said It, Wore It, and Did It Wrong

I wore the wrong thing, I said the wrong thing, I did the wrong thing and I killed a mood. Here are four mistakes I made in less than a week – as a mom, as a wife, as a friend and as a colleague.

1.    I Warned My Daughter About the Mean Girl She Had Already Forgotten

My happy daughter was on her way out the door to school when I stopped her to remind her of the girl that she would be seeing later — the girl who had been mean to her apparently long enough ago that she needed a reminder when I brought it up. I mentioned it to arm her with the words to use if said “mean girl” was mean again. Dear daughter looked at me like I was insane. So basically I was helping her chase ghosts. Banner Mom!

2.    I Squashed a Romantic Moment

We had achieved seven consecutive hours of sleep after two weeks of of consistent kid wake-ups and, my husband and I had both woken up 30 minutes ahead of our three kids. It was nothing short of a parenting miracle. My husband woke up amorous. I woke up worried – about my endless to do list, a writing deadline, holiday shopping, what we are having for dinner, five emails I didn’t return, a friend I forgot to call. I was deep into my worry monologue when I noticed what I had missed. By the time I was finished, his mood had turned and I realized how long it would be before that next morning alone. Banner spouse! Sigh.

3.    I Terrified a Friend

We were out with friends and I got that look from my husband – the one that says: “I see your dark eyes and you are drunk with exhaustion.” Whatever comes out of my mouth at that point is unfiltered and needs a warning label. In this case, a friend had expressed that now that her kids are in school all day, she really missed working. I told her that she needed to figure out her next gig pronto. Apparently I delivered the message with the subtlety of a football coach calling the next play. Banner friend!

4.    I Showed Up For a Meeting Naked – Almost

On a rainy day I thought it would be wise to adopt a “wet weather cute” dress code for a business meeting. My hair was a mess of a bun that looked like a Koosh ball on top of my head, my face was makeup-free and the lower half of my body was a vision in knee high purple wedge rain boots. I arrived to find a room full of blow outs and chic attire. When someone took out a camera I had to fight the urge to duck for cover under the table.  Banner colleague!

So that’s how my week is going. How is yours?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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