Be Our Guest: Babble Goes to Disneyland

I might be biased (okay, I’m definitely biased), but working for Disney can be a pretty magical thing. The fact that I’ve been able to include sentences like the following in emails is rad to begin with:

  • “I totally cried in the theater during the first 15 minutes of Up.” (this is true. sigh.)
  • “An Ariel-themed vacation might take place in a seaside resort with plenty of vintage shopping … so she can add to her collection, of course!” (the more dinglehoppers to comb one’s hair with, the merrier)
  • “Lumiere completes his mission to find the Beast true love … and is transformed back into a human.” (gahhh more tears, people!)

Then add in the fact that I help bloggers execute ideas like Little Mermaid Inspired Nails and 10 Parenting Lessons from Winnie the Pooh across Disney Family sites on a daily basis, and you’ve upped the level of awesomeness.

That doesn’t even touch upon another MAJOR perk : the potential for mixing work and play … and seriously enchanted business trips. Yes, I’m talking the happiest places on Earth. Earlier this month, Andrea Zimmerman (Senior Manager, Blogs & Social Media) and I were lucky enough to travel to Disneyland in sunny California … for work. Thanks to the wonderful Disney Parks team, bloggers from across Babble and Spoonful were able to join us with their families. Some highlights include a special performance of Fantasy Faire and a viewing of World of Color  to end the day. Oh, and riding Splash Mountain alone … but I’ll get to that in the photos.

Click through for some shots from our magical day!

–Corinne Bagish, associate editor

  • Smooth ride 1 of 20
    Smooth ride
    Andrea and I took a ride in this cute buggy!
  • The world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy 2 of 20
    The world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy
    Andrea's Minnie ears are the perfect compliment to this quote: "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy."
  • Andrea posing 3 of 20
    Andrea posing
    When in Disneyland, it's pretty much a requirement to have a photo taken in front of the castle!
  • Disneyland Main Street 4 of 20
    Disneyland Main Street
    ... is just so charming! And clearly stroller-friendly 🙂
  • Jolly Holiday 5 of 20
    Jolly Holiday
    Just like in Mary Poppins! Now, where can I find those dancing penguins?
  • Attention to detail 6 of 20
    Attention to detail detail, no matter how small is overlooked at Disney parks.
  • Haunted Mansion 7 of 20
    Haunted Mansion
    Beware of hitchhiking ghosts!
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 8 of 20
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    A spooky peek into classic ride Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Mickey cookies 9 of 20
    Mickey cookies
    If cookies aren't an exciting enough prospect to begin with, mouse-ified cookies take the cake.
  • Babble blogger Lori Garcia and her son 10 of 20
    Babble blogger Lori Garcia and her son
    Lori and her son Boy Wonder stand in front of Mickey's Fun Wheel in California Adventure. If you ever have the chance to ride this bad boy, pay close attention to the line you choose. One line is for a classic ferris wheel ride, and the other is for a thrilling swinging gondola ride!
  • Andrea, Lori and I 11 of 20
    Andrea, Lori and I
    ... lookin' good!
  • California Screamin’ 12 of 20
    California Screamin'
    This photo is from the second time I rode this crazy coaster in one day -- it's Disneyland Resort's longest and fastest roller coaster, mind you. Seated next to me is Babble blogger Lori Garcia's son, Boy Wonder. We couldn't get enough of our thrill rides. See the big smiles as proof.
  • Mr. Potato Head 13 of 20
    Mr. Potato Head
    Oh ya know, just a giant talking Mr. Potato Head.
  • Cars Land 14 of 20
    Cars Land
    Andrea and I were excited to explore Cars Land!
  • Details galore 15 of 20
    Details galore
    We love all the details that went into Radiator Springs-inspired Cars Land!
  • Peek into 1901 16 of 20
    Peek into 1901
    We were lucky enough to stop by 1901, accessible only to members of the exclusive Club 33 and their guests.
  • Spherical ice cubes 17 of 20
    Spherical ice cubes
    ... were shaped right before our eyes at 1901 by this expert bartender. SO. COOL.
  • Disney Dream Suite 18 of 20
    Disney Dream Suite
    Can I haz Dream Suite?
  • Embarrassing, but quite hilarious 19 of 20
    Embarrassing, but quite hilarious
    I'm taking one for the team here in posting this. This is the result of hitting up the single rider line on Splash Mountain (it was much shorter!). Yes, that's me screaming my head off in the back and simultaneously crashing a random family's bonding experience.
  • World of Color 20 of 20
    World of Color
    We ended the day with a spectacular viewing of World of Color

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