Be Your Own Hero

Why the hell not?
Why the hell not?

It is time for us to gather as a people and choose some new heroes. And there are plenty to choose from.

I’m just saying–especially in light of the tragedy that just unfolded in Boston, and the untold numbers of regular people who reached out, helped out, jumped into the fray, tore off their own shirts to fashion into tourniquets, brought comfort to the distraught.

Why do we look to people of prominence to inspire us, when so often, there are people everywhere and all around doing the actual every day things that make our actual lives better. They are the people who volunteer to clean up our parks, and teach our children while we are at work, and run into burning buildings.


The nuns who would literally give away all of their worldly possessions to a family in need.

Even sometimes that guy down the street who makes these stupidly-good sticky buns that are like swallowing heaven—(because after all, sometimes it’s the little things.)

Why do we seem to care so much how successful/wealthy/famous/beautiful/prominent/ (fill in the adjective of your choice) people live their lives and how they got there?  Who cares? Their path is not the same as anybody else’s, nor will it ever be–and anyway,  they make The World’s Most Terrible personal heroes*. (*This is a proven fact that I just made up.)

It doesn’t matter. Let’s focus instead on the stories that are going to trickle out over the next few weeks about the people who demonstrated great courage in the maelstrom of confusion; who carried people to safety, who pinched off people’s femoral arteries to keep people from bleeding to death in the street. I want to keep hearing about those people. Those people again and again and again times a million billion.

Please, no more stories about celebrities who lose baby weight and athletes who dope and who did what to whom and why and when is the sex tape coming out and Goop and is Amanda Bynes losing her mind and who gives a shit. I can’t. I just can’t anymore.

The people I’m speaking about may not be famous, and they may never have written a book, and they aren’t wealthy, or necessarily gorgeous, or spray tanned, and they aren’t CEO’s of huge companies—but they are all around us, and they are real, and we can know them, and they can enrich our lives in ways that stupid boring famous people never will.

Or better still, let’s all just be our own heroes.


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