B(Earth) Day Party!!

Celebrating an April birthday in your family? What about turning a birthday party into a B(EARTH) Day Party?! Since Earth Day just so happens to fall April 22nd, one could make their celebration eco-friendly and Earth Day-inspired, while teaching the guest of honor and attendees a little something important as well. Everybody wins!

I’ve put together a few fantastically unique ideas and inspirations to help get your earth-friendly creative juices pumping. Click through the gallery below for 21 ideas covering tasty treats, fun activities, and more!


  • Recycled Map Hats 1 of 21
    Recycled Map Hats
    Recycle some old maps (from outdated encyclopedias, books, etc.) and turn them into these eco-friendly party hats!
    Details here from One Charming Party
  • Fun With Cardboard Boxes 2 of 21
    Fun With Cardboard Boxes
    Love this idea of crafting cardboard boxes into fun toys like airplanes, rockets, and trains, to name a few. So much fun for the kids!
    Inspiration via On To Baby
  • Bubble Wrap Hop Scotch 3 of 21
    Bubble Wrap Hop Scotch
    Here's a great game to play at your eco-friendly b(earth)day party! Repurpose some bubble wrap for a round of noisy fun hop scotch!
    Inspiration via On To Baby
  • Earth-friendly Peanut Butter Cups 4 of 21
    Earth-friendly Peanut Butter Cups
    Yummy peanut butter cups with vegan-friendly ingredients are perfect for any party!
    Recipe and details here from Spa Bettie
  • Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars 5 of 21
    Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars
    Have guests craft their own binoculars from toilet paper rolls, and send them off on a nature-inspired scavenger hunt!
    Inspiration via Our Big Earth
  • Recycled Chip Bag Tassel Banner 6 of 21
    Recycled Chip Bag Tassel Banner
    Chip bags can indeed become that darling tassle banner, promise!
    Details here from One Charming Party
  • Eco-friendly Party Poppers 7 of 21
    Eco-friendly Party Poppers
    These DIY party poppers use all recycled materials and would be lots of fun for each guest to make his or her very own!
    Follow this tutorial here from Kiwi Crate
  • Seed Bag Party Favors 8 of 21
    Seed Bag Party Favors
    How sweet are these sewn seed packet party favors? A great idea!
    Inspiration via HWTM
  • Mason Jars 9 of 21
    Mason Jars
    Mason jars for your drink containers, of course! Reuse and recycle, right?
    Inspiration via I Love SW Mag
  • Eco-friendly Party Supplies 10 of 21
    Eco-friendly Party Supplies
    You can't forget your serve ware when it comes to being eco-friendly. This line of party supplies is entirely compostable and non-toxic. Plus, they come in fabulous party kits to outfit the whole celebration with ease.
    Check them out here at Susty Party
  • Sandwich Satchels 11 of 21
    Sandwich Satchels
    Wrap your food or treats in a bandana for an eco-friendly touch. No paper napkins here!
    Inspiration via Parents
  • Flower Seed Pockets 12 of 21
    Flower Seed Pockets
    Make some of these flower seed pockets and hand out to guests as favors. They can be planted directly in the ground!
    Details here from my blog at Design Mom
  • Fruit Cups in Seed Starter Pots 13 of 21
    Fruit Cups in Seed Starter Pots
    Serve seasonal berries and fruits in these eco-friendly seed starting pots you can pick up at the Home Depot.
    This idea and tons more from this great party highlighted at Pillow Thoughts
  • Guestbook Stones 14 of 21
    Guestbook Stones
    This is a great idea for an older child's party: have guests write well wishes or messages on stones. So memorable!
    Inspiration via Historic Florida Wedding
  • Flowers in a Veggie Can 15 of 21
    Flowers in a Veggie Can
    Flowers in a cool old veggie can make for great table decor. Look for some with unique labels to use!
    See tons more details from this cool organic themed party at Kara's Party Ideas
  • Little Farmer Baskets 16 of 21
    Little Farmer Baskets
    I'm a little partial to this project, but using one of these Little Farmer Baskets as inspiration makes for a great starting point in your party planning!
    Details here from my blog at Design Mom
  • Mason Jar Centerpieces 17 of 21
    Mason Jar Centerpieces
    I talked about using recycled jars for drinks, but they make equally delightful and eco-friendly centerpieces as well! I especially like this grouping.
    Inspiration va Bridal Banter
  • Paper-wrapped Sandwiches 18 of 21
    Paper-wrapped Sandwiches
    Love this idea of wrapping sandwiches in parchment and brown paper. Everything can be recycled, no plastic here!
    See more details on this great eco-friendly party here from Pillow Thoughts
  • Seed Confetti 19 of 21
    Seed Confetti
    How fun is this? Heart-shaped eco-friendly seed confetti that blooms where thrown.
    Details here from Sophie's Favors
  • Seed Packet Banner 20 of 21
    Seed Packet Banner
    A banner made from some well-designed seed packets, so great!
    This and a ton more great ideas here from Kara's Party Ideas
  • Verterra Dinnerware 21 of 21
    Verterra Dinnerware
    This dinner and serve ware from Verterra is made from fallen leaves and water — seriously. They're compostable, biodegradable, and about as eco-friendly as it gets. Perfect to use at an Earth Day-themed celebration.
    Check them out here at Verterra


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