Worst Beatboxer Ever? “Beatboxing Mom” Is Actually Best Sister Ever!

There’s a video going around Facebook titled “Best Mom Ever” of a daughter singing “Some Nights” by Fun in her kitchen. Suddenly, her mom busts in and starts the most hilarious beatboxing ever. (Can we call her photobombing beat-bombing?)


In truth, it’s a pair of siblings: singer Katie Baum and her beatboxing sister Ashleigh Strange.

When I first saw the video, I loved it so hard that I wanted to know more. I suspected it wasn’t really spontaneous, based on the “mom’s” double-take and how determined the “daughter” was to keep singing without distraction, so I started digging around the Facebook comments for clues. (The version going viral on Facebook cuts off roughly 3 minutes in and doesn’t show the bloopers. Also, suspecting it wasn’t spontaneous didn’t dampen my laughter, by the way. It only made me curious.) That’s how I found Ashleigh. She commented that she wasn’t the singer’s mom but actually her sister. From there, it was easy to find more of the pair’s hilarious videos.

Thinking it was a mom beat-bombing (ahem, it’s catching on, right?) her daughter’s video was awesome. Knowing they are siblings now makes this mom’s heart beat a happy beat.

What do I need to do to encourage my kids to end up with such a fun relationship?! You see so many adult siblings with iffy relationships that I frequently find myself appreciating small moments between my kids and wondering how I can capture that magic and perpetuate it into their adulthoods. I’ve written about this before and the responses are usually along the lines of, “You don’t have any control of that,” but it doesn’t stop me from wondering.

Sure, we don’t really know Katie and Ashleigh, but let’s hope that the fun we see in this clip truly does echo their larger relationship. Because that, my parent friends, is awesome.

Watch more of Ashleigh’s Worst Beatboxer Ever videos on her YouTube channel!


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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