Because Every Family Needs Their Own Kid-Sized Hamster Wheel

Here’s the thing about life with a four year old boy: it’s like life with a Tasmanian devil. The Looney Tunes kind of Tasmanian devil; the kind of freaky whirling spin monster that NEVER. STOPS. MOVING.

Or maybe that’s just my four year old boy. Whatever. It’s hard.

It’s aggravated by the fact that we live in New York City, in an apartment that does not come equipped with a child-sized hamster wheel, which means that when Jasper has his freak on, which is ALWAYS, we need to either take him down the elevator and outside and down the street to the playground, or we need to find a way to work his freak out indoors. This can be tremendously challenging, not unlike trying to contain a rabid badger in your kitchen (I have never done this, for the record, but I feel very strongly, based on my experience raising Jasper, that I could.)

I should say, was extremely challenging, because we now have the perfect equivalent of a child-sized hamster wheel: we have an Xbox 360 + Kinect. It is awesome. Extraordinarily awesome. Rabid badger taming, Tasmanian devil calming awesome.

Because here’s the thing: the Xbox 360 + Kinect ┬áruns those badgers down.

Mostly. Sort of.

He can keep running for ages, obviously. But at least he’s doing it in one spot.

It’s the little things.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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