Being A Work At Home Mom on Snow Days SUCKS

Seriously, snow. STOP.
Seriously, snow. STOP. Photo by my husband, Charlie O’Hay.

In my 20s, I was one of those people that loved snow. I think it’s because I am an alcoholic, and snow meant all the amatuer partiers stayed home and that left the bars for us hardcore drunks. There was something lovely about being in a bar while the snow fell outside, making the city quiet and clean.

Then I got sober, and I still enjoyed snow. I loved having snow days and staying home curled up watching movies or reading books and I even liked going out and going hiking when it was safe to do so (except that one time we had to tie the dog’s leash to trees in order to successfully climb a hill, that kind of sucked).

And I’m not afraid of driving in snow. I learned to drive in Michigan, and while our minivan is hardly an all-terrain vehicle, it’s a heck of a lot safer than the terrible 70s-era big junkers I drove in high school especially my boyfriend’s Pontiac Le Mans with the rusted out floor under the pedals. GOOD TIMES. Sadly, Philly is full of idiots in the snow; either they drive crazy fast and act like there is no snow, or they slow down to such a slow crawl with their flashers on that they can’t get up the smallest of hills without fishtailing. But I still don’t mind driving in the snow at all.

But now I have a seven-year-old, and I work at home. Now I hate snow. Well, at least if it’s more than two inches because that seems to be the limit of what Philadelphia can handle without closing the schools (my daughter’s school closes with the Philly School District.)

No snow days for me. But already this last six weeks we’ve had four snow days, plus the holiday break and of course Monday’s holiday. That means for the last three days it’s taken me three times longer to do everything, because MOM LOOK MOM LOOK DID YOU SEE THIS SMOOTHIE APP ON THE IPAD I MADE YOU A SMOOTHIE DO YOU WANT TO EAT IT MOM MOM MOOOOOOOM.

I have a full work schedule this week (and I was sick, too, which is just righteously unfair), including conference calls and meetings and deadlines and research to do, as did my husband who also works at home. I wish we had the availability to take her sledding and do other fun snow play, but we simply didn’t have time. We were able to squeeze in a few crafts, making snow ice cream, and of course building a snowman (did anyone else just sing, “Do you want to build a snowman?” in your head?) but that still left roughly 40 waking hours where my kid was bored out of her mind.

Today my daughter finally returned to school (I know many of you in this recent snow blast on the East Coast were not so lucky), and I literally wept to hear the silence in my house. I love my kid, and I love her amazing observations of the world and her creative schemes and her fascinating with fake smoothies I really do.

But I’m not sure I can take any more damn snow.

Of course it’s snowing here again this weekend.

Please kill me.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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