Best Passover SWAG 2013

Keep Your Chocolate Bunnies, I’ve Got a Bag of Plagues!

You know your holiday has “made it” when there is a line of plush toys associated with it, which is why I was so glad when the Passover Plush finger puppets became a part of our Passover ritual a few years ago.

Sure one of the finger puppets represents death of the first born son, but it does it in a furry and non threatening way. The death finger puppet just looks like he went on a bender and took a nap. Perhaps he had too much slivovitz before the seder. He’s soft and fuzzy. I stick him on my pinky most years. I can’t bring myself to wear him on my middle finger.

Some other signs that Passover has gone mainstream? Ten Plagues Mani/Pedi. Nothing like some mad cow disease on your thumb and some locusts on your big toe to tell the world that you and your fellow MOT’s are about to PARTY!

If only the Maccabeats would  do  a four questions version to  Macklemore’s “Thrift Store”, my Passover prayers would be answered.

Here are some of my picks for making Passover 2013 a year to remember.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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