Best Sports Bras for Petite Figures and Full Busts

Self magazine thinks a full bust means a C cup, maybe a D. Self Magazine left me sobbing in a Lululemon dressing room last night.

You see, when I saw a link to an article about the best sports bras for big busts I was stoked, it wasn’t until I looked closer at the article that I realized many of the bras didn’t go above a D cup.


I guess when you’re talking about super athletic people, D+ is fairly uncommon. However I manage to get around the gym just fine and you know what I have up top? An au naturale set of 32Fs. I’ve been a C cup since junior high, grew to a D by 18 and after my first pregnancy rounded out at a DD. My second pregnancy blessed me with the Fs I have today and even after giving birth and losing 25 pounds I still clock in at a busty 32F. Not a 34DD like some salespeople would want me to believe. “You are all breast tissue hun, that stuff isn’t going anywhere.” is what I heard at my last fitting. I wholeheartedly believe in wearing the right size bra, even when it comes to exercising. So when I set out to find a bra to contain the bounce my girls are capable of producing, I came up very squished (and pretty sad) after taking the advice of the Self Magazine.

So I set out to find the REAL best sports bras for even fuller busts on petite figures. We’re talking DDD and beyond. Just because we have big boobs doesn’t mean we don’t go to the gym, because we do. It also doesn’t mean we want giant ugly bras with a thousand closures that go from our collarbones to our diaphragms. Here’s the bras I tried, the bras I cried in, and the bras I ultimately bought. I hope my experience can other busty yet petite ladies in my same situation.

1. Panache Underwire Sports Bra (32C-40H) – $68

WINNER! Panache Underwire
Image Source: Nordstrom

If you have small ribcage and huge boobs, THIS IS THE ONE. WINNEERRRR!! GOOAALLLL!!! It comes in both basic and flashy colors and holds the ladies up, in, and without smashing them into a terrible monoboob. It’s held in back by 4 hook and eye closures and even has a J hook that allows the straps to convert to a racerback style. The underwire is wrapped in silicone and sewn between two layers of wicking, breathable microfiber. I tried in 32FF purchased in 32E.

2. Wacoal Sports Underwire Bra ‘855170’ (30DDD-40GG) – $65

WINNER! Wacoal Sport Underwire '855170'
Image Source: Wacoal America

I may start wearing this bra as an everyday bra. It keeps each boob individual, perky and almost completely still. 4 hook and loop closures keep it securely in place (although I nearly dislocated my shoulder trying to get them all hooked.) This bra is like strapping on soft stretchy super supportive body armor. Even better? The straps don’t adjust with traditional slides, rather they hook and slide into individual loops. It may sound confusing, but what it means is that when your girls are bouncing there’s absolutely NO chance of the straps loosening on you. Even better? It doesn’t look like a sports bra. I tried and purchased 32DDD.

3. The Elomi Energise(find similar here) (34GG-46DD) – $64

Best for Super Full Busts - Elomi Energise
Image Source: Elomi Lingerie

These came highly suggested for petite to full figures with full busts. (side note, the models on the Elomi site are GORGEOUS.)

4. Under Armour Bra Protegee DD Cup (32C-38DD) – $49.99

Most Likely to Malfunction - Under Armour Protegee Bra DD Cup
Image Source: Under Armour

This one’s weird. It had a zipper in the front. Just seems like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Not to mention the zipper showed through my shirt, that was a weird looking third nipple thing. Even if my proper size had been available I wouldn’t have purchased this bra, the zipper. Weird. I tried in 32DD and 34DD.

5. Under Armour Bra DD Cup (32C-38DD) -$57.99

Other Easiest to Find - Under Armour Bra DD Cup
Image Source: Under Armour

Had I been a true DD this one wouldn’t have been terrible. It was held in back with 3 hook and loop closures and the straps were adjustable like any other bra. It wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it’s perhaps the easiest bra to find in a retail store for most women (I found both Under Armour bras at at Dick’s Sporting Goods.) I tried in 32DD and 34DD.

6. CW-X

Strangest - CW-X Extra Support Bra
Image Source: CW-X

This was another Self suggested brand, but their DDD cup bras start at a 36 band and they are really ugly (sorry.)

7. The Enell Sport ($64-$66)

Heavy Duty Honorable Mention - Enell Sport
Image Source: Enell

This was another brand Self suggested but with 11 hook and eye closures in the front, your bra is going to be peeking out of nearly every top you wear. There’s a specialty bra store here in Indy that carries the Enell and I may go in and try it just to say I did. The sizing is a bit different than other brands and seems to fit a host of sizes between 32C-52DD.

8. Lululemon ta ta tamer ii (32C-38D)- $58

Best for Smaller (Full) Busts - ta ta tamer - lululemon
Image Source: Lululemon

If I were a smaller cup size, I would have liked this bra. It held the ladies up and kept them perky. There was a little bit of a strange shape from the removable inserts (I assume to hide perky nips) and I’m not sure if it would be as noticeable if my double (triple!) bubbles weren’t bursting at the seams. Cute colors, too. I tried in a 32DD and 34DD.

9. Moving Comfort Fiona (30B-44DD) $46 and Maia (32C-44DD) $46

Reader's Choice - Moving Comfort
Image Source: Moving Comfort

After telling twitter my woes and admitting to tears in the Lululemon dressing room, they came through with thumbs up for the Moving Comfort Fiona and Maia.

10. Athleta Va Va Sports Bra (32C-38DD)- $54

Meh - Athleta Va Va Sports Bra
Image Source: Athleta

I love Athleta for just about everything but bras. If you’re a C or smaller? Give them a shot! But if you’re bigger I say keep looking. I tried in 32DD and 34DD.

11. The Nike Victory Adjustable X-Back (Similar here)

Most High School Looking - Nike Victory Adjustable X-Back
Image Source: Nike

This was also suggested for bigger busts. Um, it is suggested for B, C and D cups. Lame. Try again Self Magazine.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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