9 Things Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day

Oh Valentine’s Day. It’s a day where TV shows and movies stress getting the absolute best gift for their beloved. Sometimes it’s a gorgeous piece of jewelry, others, a dazzling trip to Paris. It’s a time where movies like Safe Haven jump onto movie screens, showing heroes and beautiful people falling in love under impossible circumstances. It’s easy for the love in your life to get stressed about what to get the woman in their life.  “Is this what they really want?”, they wonder.

The truth is, what most of us want not only doesn’t cost a dime, but will truly will show gal how much you treasure us. So here are 9 Things Women Really Want from 9 amazing bloggers.

  • A Quick Getaway 1 of 9
    A Quick Getaway
    A romantic weekend getaway. C'mon... we have 5 kids. We need a night alone. Doesn't have to be far from home. - Staci, 7 on a Shoestring

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  • A Clean House 2 of 9
    A Clean House
    Clean house that I didn't have to clean myself. - Amber, JadeLouise Designs Photo By: Parent Society
  • Homecooked Meal 3 of 9
    Homecooked Meal
    A homecooked dinner by my husband (who is an awesome cook) and a clean kitchen afterwards! - Tiffany, The Bizy Mommy Photo By: highclassjackass
  • Chocolate. 4 of 9
    Quiet. And chocolate. The older I get the more those two things make me so incredibly happy. - Jennifer, Live. Mom. Work. Photo By: Bittersweet Notes
  • No Obligations 5 of 9
    No Obligations
    A weekend where I don't have any obligations to anyone but myself. - Mallery, Horrible Housewife Photo By: ThomasofNorway
  • Make The Decisions for a Day 6 of 9
    Make The Decisions for a Day
    I want a day of no decisions. I want to have it all taken care of for me. Kids' lunches, if we go out- where to go, when to go, if we get a sitter, have him call for me. It's a dream. - Brett, This Mama Loves Her Bargains Photo By: Knock Knock Stuff
  • Pamper Me! 7 of 9
    Pamper Me!
    What women/moms really want on V-day is to be romanced and pampered the ENTIRE day. Start with breakfast in bed surrounded by a clean house and kids that have already been fed/taken care of. She should be able to spend the rest of the day relaxing until her man takes her to dinner where reservations have already been made. - Nadia, Justice Jonesie Photo By: Examiner
  • Zzzzz 8 of 9
    Sleep. I want sleep. - Claudya, Unknown Mami Photo By: Relaxing Music 
  • The Key to Being Happy on Valentine’s Day 9 of 9
    The Key to Being Happy on Valentine's Day
    Please.... empty the dishwasher. The way you put away those mugs, oooooh yeah baby, put away some more. Vacuum the carpets. Oh yeah - back and forth, back and FORTH!!! Clean the windows - I love the way your hands move.... And maybe - just maybe! - I'll get the best Valentines gift of all.... "Honey, you look tired. Why don't me and the kiddos go to the park for the day, while you catch up on blogging and take a nap?" Diamond ring? Dozen roses? No. Make my day a little easier, and I'll love you forever! - Meagan, Sunshine and Sippy Cups Photo By: Rigby Dental

Thanks to Staci, Claudya, Amber, Mallery, Nadia, Brett,  Tiffany, Jennifer and Meagan for the great tips!

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