Bloggers Over 40: Smokin’ Hot and Happy

I turned (gulp) 45 years old on Friday.

Yes, I’m 45 and have pink hair. Go ahead. Laugh for a moment. I love it.

I struggled with turning 40 but got past it. Now, 45 feels like true middle age, and that’s just damned weird. I mean, I have a little girl (my daughter will be seven in June), so how can I possibly be in middle age? Not to mention that I just FEEL the same as I always did. Right?

Except you know what? That’s not quite true. I feel better now about myself then I ever did. I know who I am, and with each day I feel less and less like I have to explain myself.

Even better than that is the growth in compassion I have now. I don’t need to get so fired up over every damn thing, you know? I may not agree with everyone (not even close), but I can find compassion for those that disagree with me instead of hatred.

I was curious about how other bloggers over 40 felt, and got some great responses. If you’re on the cusp of 40 and are worried or here already, or even if 40 is far away I think you’ll find great joy in these words.

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    Bloggers Over 40
    Oh yes, they are. Smokin' hot and happy. Read on!
  • Alyssa Ettinger 2 of 18
    Alyssa Ettinger
    "I feel like I've come into myself, found my own sense of style. No cares of what anyone thinks of what I'm wearing like my candy apple red patent leather Dansko clogs, dammit. If Brene Brown can rock them, so can I. No, i wouldn't wear them to a gala, but everyday when I'm on my feel all day? I don't care what anyone thinks. (And I also don't find them ugly, it's not like they're orthopedic shoes!)

    I also have no concerns about mishegas like dandruff or a big pimple or looking blotchy I wear so much less makeup now than I ever did! I also don't mind being the old lady driving the ratty car with Aerosmith blasting, wearing hippie-chick clothes.

    I guess I care more about myself, inside, who I am and what I can accomplish. I really don't have time for crap.

    Image courtesy of Twitter. Find Alyssa's amazing art here.
  • Anne Parris 3 of 18
    Anne Parris
    "I love being over 40! I've never felt more like me. My kids are bigger and I'm happy in my marriage. so I feel like there's time for me to follow my passion.

    Women over 40 are really starting to make their presence felt on the Internet. I hope to be part of giving a platform to women in midlife.

    We're not going to sit in the corner and be quiet as we age. We are going to start businesses, climb mountains, be active for causes we love, and run for political office."

    Image courtesy of Twitter. Find Anne has a great new site for midlife bloggers, Generation Fabulous.
  • Debi Pfitzenmaier 4 of 18
    Debi Pfitzenmaier
    "There's something that happened to me when I hit 45. I think I realized I was finally a grown up and it really didn't matter what people thought of me. Now that I'm just a few months away from 50, I've hit another milestone. I realize I don't have to keep climbing. I've been there. Done that. And it's someone else's turn now. I'm like the little engine that could. Up to 45, I was chugging and chugging up the hill. And now, I finally get to coast a little. Feel the wind in my face. Enjoy the ride. Breathe.

    That's pretty damn awesome."

    Image courtesy of Twitter. Check out her site San Antonio Busy Kids.
  • Desirre Andrews 5 of 18
    Desirre Andrews
    "I will say being over 40 (almost 46) is amazing. Body acceptance is at an all time high. Sexual veracity and openness all time high. It in an incredibly expansive age of self expression, self awareness, self forgiveness and a comfort in my own skin.

    I say what I think without fear. That my friend is a beautiful thing. To care about others but not have their idea or ideals of me alter my own perception widely is a gift. I can truly be myself whether others like it much or not.

    I can laugh and be silly much like when I was a small girl. Another fantastic blessing of this age.

    In short, it kicks ass."

    Image courtesy of Twitter. Check out her site Preparing For Birth too.
  • Donna Highfill 6 of 18
    Donna Highfill
    "My 50's are a lot like my 20's, except with a little more self-assurance and a little less elasticity."

    Image courtesy of Twitter. Check out Donna's site Dame Nation.
  • Elizabeth Lee 7 of 18
    Elizabeth Lee
    "I was never really comfortable in my own skin until I was over 40. I've recently survived a nasty divorce and realized I can handle anything. I'm in my early 50s now, and life is fabulous!"

    Image courtesy of Twitter. Be sure to check out her blog as well.
  • Hillary Chybinski 8 of 18
    Hillary Chybinski
    "I turned 45 at the beginning of 2013. . .it was hard. . .that's a big number. . .and for some reason, it feels like "true" middle age to me. . .but then I realize it ain't nothin but a number, and that number could just as easily be 32 it's how you feel inside that counts."

    Image courtesy of Twitter. Hillary blogs at My Scraps.
  • Jessica Cohen 9 of 18
    Jessica Cohen
    "The beauty of being 40 is having the wisdom to accept that no matter what happened in years past or what will happen in the years to come, right now I am exactly where I should be - and I am enjoying the journey."

    Image courtesy of Twitter. She's also Found the Marbles.
  • Julie Stamper 10 of 18
    Julie Stamper
    "My only regret about being over 40 is that it didn't happen sooner. It's a lot easier to walk around with less baggage!"

    Image courtesy of Twitter. Check out her blog, A Day in the Wife.
  • Karen / Submommy 11 of 18
    Karen / Submommy
    "I love being 47. It is a fabulous stage of life. You realize, over 45, that life is very short and you have to take advantage of all good things or find good things."

    Image courtesy of Twitter. Karen blogs at Random Thoughts From A Suburban Mom.
  • Sandra Sallin 12 of 18
    Sandra Sallin
    "Believe it is awesome to be 40 because you're alive. The older you get the more stories you hear the more grateful you are to be alive at what ever age you are. Be grateful you're here at any age!"

    Image courtesy of Sandra's site, Apart from my art. Be sure to look at her beautiful paintings.
  • Sheila Dowd 13 of 18
    Sheila Dowd
    "I love being 40+! In my 20's I was busy finding myself and proving to the world that I could get it done. In my 30's I was birthing babies and simply trying to keep it together. Now that I am 40+, I have more space in my head and time on my hands to do what feels right for me. I have perspective now, am less insecure and take more risks. Life is short and I feel like I am just figuring out what it is all about; so my 40s are gonna be about me in the driver's seat with the top down."

    Image courtesy of Twitter. Best known as a Clever Girl, Sheila also blogs at Xiaolin Mama.
  • Sherry Aikens 14 of 18
    Sherry Aikens
    "When I asked my mother, "Why do women over 40 wear alot of sparkle?" She said, "The older you get the more sparkle you have to buy." Now after 40 I understand... you want to be as glittery as you feel.

    I never felt truly myself till I turned 40. Now there is no holding me back. I am 41 and a force to be reckoned with."

    Image courtesy of Twitter. Sherry blogs at Super Exhausted, and also makes super hero capes for kids (and adults!).
  • Zippy Sandler 15 of 18
    Zippy Sandler
    "Does it count that I'm going to be 60 in 9 months?

    The best part of being over 40 or 50, and even CLOSE to 60 is that I no longer have the schoolgirl mentality. I have the freedom to not worry about what others think about what I say, how I dress, or my ideology. I am a grown woman, with no ties, other than the ones the I CARE to have, and I can pretty much have dessert before dinner if I want to, with no one giving me the evil eye."

    Image courtesy of Zippy. Her blog is Champagne Living.
  • Cecily Kellogg 16 of 18
    Cecily Kellogg
    "I didn't go gently into 40. I dyed my hair pink in honor of my 40th birthday, and I'll be the first to admit that I still dye it because I like how it startles people to see a woman my age pinked out. But just like everyone else said, I feel more like me now then I ever did, and I'm so grateful to be alive and in my skin."
  • Karen Walrond 17 of 18
    Karen Walrond
    "My 40s have been revelatory: I finally figured out whose opinion of me really matters most. It's a small group: my husband and daughter, a few very close friends who I trust implicitly, and who have my best interests at heart ... and me. I've learned in my 40s how to start turning down the volume of everyone else."

    Image courtesy of Karen. Karen shares beauty at Chookooloonks.
  • Andrea 18 of 18
    "I love being 47. It is a fabulous stage of life. You realize, over 45, that life is very short and you have to take advantage of all good things or find good things."

    Image courtesy of Andrea. She offers great info on books at Great Thoughts.

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