Blowfish Fruit

This post is all about trying something new.  The first thing I’m trying is a slide show just for fun.  I prefer most of the time to just concentrate on writing, but there are virtual tools in my blogging toolbox I’ve never used, so just to see if I could I thought I’d follow a list of instructions (provided helpfully by Dawn) and give it a whirl.

The second thing is a weird fruit the kids and I picked up from the grocery store.  I apologize now to anyone reading who eats these every day and can’t believe this was new to us (you will find this post dull) but for those of you who have seen these things and wondered about them, here is our encounter with one.

I had all three kids with me the other day when we were at the grocery store.  They are actually pretty nice to shop with and they are good at helping me find things and putting it all in the cart.  Periodically I’ll let them choose something we’ve never tried just to mix things up a little.  Our most recent odd selection was sitting near the mangoes and bananas.  My kids dubbed it a blowfish fruit.  I’d seen the odd, spiky little fruits before, and spot them regularly on science fiction shows when the food in an alien kitchen is supposed to look, well, alien.  But I had no idea what was inside it or how you are supposed to eat it or what it would taste like.

I’ve written before about what my kids eat, and I think it’s important if I want them to try new things that they see me being willing to try new things.  That doesn’t mean I have to like it, but I want them to see it doesn’t hurt to try.

The number one question they kept asking me about the blowfish fruit when we got it home was “Is it poisonous?!”  I said I didn’t think Pick ‘N Save sold anything poisonous in the produce section.  That’s bad for business.  In any case, here is how the adventure with our new fruit went:


  • Kiwano! 1 of 7
    So this was the crazy fruit we had to Google when we got home to see what it was called. It's a 'kiwano' or a 'horned melon.' I think my kids' description of it as a blowfish fruit is more apt.
  • Anticipation! 2 of 7
    Mona, Aden and Quinn were good sports about posing for a photo with their weird new fruit.
  • Weird! 3 of 7
    And this was the unexpected result when we sliced into it. All of us thought it would look more like mango inside, or have a pit. You should have heard the collective gasp at all those green, slimy seeds.
  • Mona opts for a carrot 4 of 7
    Mona opts for a carrot
    Mona knew at a glance that there was no way she was eating the blowfish fruit and immediately found herself a carrot from the fridge.
  • Squeeze those seeds! 5 of 7
    Squeeze those seeds!
    After some more help from Google we discovered you are supposed to squeeze the seeds out of the little melon, and then somehow eat the green stuff without eating the seeds themselves (although the seeds aren't harmful). Not easy squeezing a fruit with spikes!
  • The taste test 6 of 7
    The taste test
    I took a taste and spit it out. Mona and Quinn looked at me like I was insane when I asked if they wanted to try it. Aden dove right in. She decided it was like a sour pomegranate, so she even ate the seeds.
  • And now we know 7 of 7
    And now we know
    So that was our fruit adventure for the week! What sort of unusual things have you experimented with from the grocery store?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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