Blue Jean Confession: I Own Very Few

I have something to say about jeans. In fact, every woman I know has something to say about them. After about 30 years of being a jeans shopping consumer, having a plethora of girlfriends who wear jeans (as well as other clothes) and just listening to commercials about buying/wearing jeans I have come to the same conclusion: we love wearing them. We hate shopping for them. Curvy, boot, straight leg, skinny, mid-rise. There seems to be an endless amount of choices out there and finding ones that fit my ample derriere takes a serious chunk of time out of my shopping excursions.

It’s right up there with buying a bathing suit every summer. We know we need them if we want to go to the beach or the pool but we really hate that we’re coming out of the season of comfort foods and, ahem, not shaving our legs and continuing on all the way up there.  Jeans are the same way. I think of the last time a group of friends and I decided to drive a short distance to a winery. “What are you wearing?” was the number one question among my girlfriends and the unanimous answer was, “Oh, probably my nicest tank top and a little sweater with a pair of jeans.”  The only thing that didn’t vary in our conversation was what we were wearing on the bottom portion of our bodies. Every one of us wore a pair of jeans.

I wear jeans every Friday at work. We all donate to the social pot of money for our school once a year so that we can have Jeans Friday each week. Most teachers wear t-shirts that have college logos on them (to promote higher education) or our favorite sports teams (I truly do look at my very cutest in my Chicago Cubs shirts) or even a spirit wear t-shirt with our school on the front. In any case, the jeans remain the same, but which ones will I wear? What kind of shoes do I need? Is there a field trip on that day and how well do my tennis shoes look with jeans?

Jeans are the constant in this mathematical equation.

And I have a confession to make about my jeans: I only have three pair. THREE. That just seems wrong, doesn’t it? As a matter of reference, my oldest son who is encroaching on 6 feet 5 inches has brought five pair of jeans downstairs this morning that no longer fit in length for him. He is getting rid of 5 pair of jeans and I only have 3 total.

So, ladies. All your girlfriends I have out there in InternetLand… how many pair of jeans do you own? What is a good number of jeans to keep in your closet at all times? And, also, how often do you wash them? Because every time I start talking fashion and jeans comes up as the topic I want to know.

This month I’ll be chronicling my purchase of a new pair of jeans from Levi’s. I really do need more than 3 pair, don’t you think?

Disclaimer: A big thanks to Levi’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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