MUST WATCH: Breakthrough Teen Period Advertising “The Camp Gyno”

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I was ten when I got my first period. NONE of my friends had gotten it yet. Like, not one. Actually…my FOUR YEARS OLDER sister hadn’t even gotten it yet. I was not a happy camper. The day I got it, my best friend Randi sat in chocolate with white pants on and all these rumors started that SHE’d gotten her period. The idea that my classmates could even talk about something like that terrified me. I did NOT want to be the freak with the period.

When I told my Mom she cried and shrieked “My baby’s not a baby anymore!” and then promptly told my very long island very Jewish grandmother who was visiting from New York for the week and decided that she needed to get in on the action, so while my Mom showed me how to use a maxi pad, my grandmother told me all about the time when my Dad was a toddler and he pulled the strings out of an entire box of her tampons.

The following month I was sleeping over at Randi’s house when I got it for a second time. Of course, I was totally unprepared for it to come back with perfect regularity right out of the gates, so I ended up terrifying my parents when I tried frantically to reach them at a friends house so my Mom could bring me some sanitary napkins, stat. I didn’t even know what brand I’d used. In the end I had to confess to my bestie who in turn told her older sister Ali who was kind enough to cut me in on her stash. (Fun fact: Ali’s daughter now goes to preschool with Dee.) Getting your period before high school sucks.

I remember the day in seventh grade when I decided not to be embarrassed any more. My friends had finally started to get their periods and by then we’d played truth or dare enough times that everyone knew I already had mine. All of a sudden I was the expert on all things menstrual. Got cramps? I had midol. Need pads? With wings or without? That guy is bothering you? I’ll go talk to him about my period and scar him for life.

So this spot from HelloFlo, a service that helps you provide your preteen girl with everything she needs to survive her first visit from old Aunt Flow without the humiliation that so often comes with it? It totally speaks to me. Show it to your daughters. It’s natural ladies. Let it flow.

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