Brining Made Simple: How To Prepare a Mouthwatering Turkey Your Family Will Love [VIDEO]

brining makes everything juicier
brining makes everything juicier

Want a golden, delicious, juicy bird served on your table at Thanksgiving? A bird so juicy your mother-in-law will even give her nod of approval? OK, this is it. This recipe is so simple it’s really hard to mess it up. The accolades, the cheers, grown men and women openly weeping and squealing with joy, will be almost too much to take this Thanksgiving — your turkey will be a show-stopper.

The trick is to start the day before you’re going to serve. NOW. Rule of thumb – brine approximately 1 hour per pound, so chances are the turkey will brine overnight. And here’s another time saving and space saving tip. If you don’t have room in the fridge for that 20 lb. bird, no worries, just bust out that cooler. Line the cooler with an unscented garbage bag and prepare your brine and place the turkey inside it. This saves you the time and hassle of trying to find a space for your turkey and having to move things around inside the fridge. A cooler keeps your turkey nice and cool for this occasion. Just add ice and check it periodically, ensuring the turkey stays cold. Honestly guys, I’ve made this countless times and it’s easy and delicious.  You and your guests will be rewarded with a moist, delicious, succulent bird.


Your guests will clean their plates and will be coming back for seconds and thirds.True story.


Make extra cuz your guests will come back for 2nd & 3rds.
Make extra cuz your guests will come back for 2nd & 3rds.

Here’s one more tiny tip that I know you already know… The holidays can be stressful. Hosting and cooking can can add to that. Things aren’t perfect sometimes and that’s OK. Deep breath, big smiles and take a moment to ENJOY! That’s it!

From my kitchen to yours… Happy Thanksgiving. Now let’s sit down and EAT! xo

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