By Way of Introduction

I have something to say.

I almost always have something to say, but I end up keeping it to myself or sharing only with a small group of friends. Even worse, I wait until something has brewed in my brain and then it explodes. It’s like those times when you think of a snappy comeback far too late and you exclaim, Dangit! I should have said THIS. This is especially true when my friends are doing this with which I may vehemently disagree and then I am unsure how to approach it. No one wants to hurt their friend’s feelings, right?

Writing for Babble as a relative unknown in the realm of mommying is a bit of a challenge for me because I think when we think of the term “mommyblogger” we think of diapers and toddlers and bottles and not getting enough sleep and how we can support and connect with other parents out there going through similar situations. My children are much older than my mommyblogging counterparts. I have raised teens already and there’s only one child left at home. Everyone else is off being an adult and they’re scattered all over the place. One in California, one in Seattle, and one adult living only 5 minutes away from me. Then you add in the fact that the one in California was actually adopted by a couple after I placed her for adoption and that we reunited after 21 years and you kind of have an interesting dynamic.

The Cuban and I are in front, Maddie and Mallory are behind us, and Mason and Morgan are acting like complete weirdos. This is our Christmas card photo for this year.

My kids aren’t perfect and I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety in my children. Some have ADHD and some are medicated. Some are not. Some are really good at school and some are not. One of them is somewhere “on the spectrum”. They’re my kids and, of course, I adore and love them all, but they have some issues.

I’m new here at Babble and I’ll be writing on a variety of topics because I figured that even if something doesn’t get stuck in my craw and it’s just mildly irritating to me or bothering me because I don’t know how I feel about it then I will still have something to say.

Welcome. To you and me both.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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