Bye-Bye, Babble

Hello and Goodbye…


Band on the diaper run is leaving Babble.  I’m going to continue writing my blog on  I’m not sure I’ll keep the name “band on the diaper run” since technically, we said goodbye to diapers a couple years ago.  Our kids are older now.  That’s not to say we won’t have tour adventures to share.  That’s also not to say I won’t need advice from people who can relate..sometimes that’s the reason I write.  Sometimes there will be posts unrelated to kids-and I think many people who read this also enjoy the music side of things.

One of the best pieces of advice I recieved from a mother of two grown kids was “Try your best to not place judgement on your children.”  I think when I write about my kids and how they play into my world as a musician and a mom and well, just as my own person..I do find myself trying hard not to judge.  When they are freaking out or doing something I just didn’t expect, I want to comment on it.  I’d really hate for them to read all about my analysis of their actions throughout their whole lives.   Don’t get me wrong, a mom needs to feel like she’s not alone.  I love that so many parents (and non-parents) can share and relate to so many ramblings I’ve posted on here through the last 4 years.


But, for now, through Babble, I’m packing up and moving on.


I have to say too, there are so many great mom blogs out there.  I can’t dedicate the time and energy these moms do. They must spend half of their time  finding ways to get more readers.  I was always one of those bloggers who just spilled my thoughts and if anyone cared, they wrote a comment.  I started blogging when I didn’t really understand what a blog was (I believe I missed some crucial technological advancements while I sat inside of tour vans and dark rock clubs for a few years).  Anyway, I liked that my blog was just a conversation with anyone who cared..  But really, now I’m trying to focus and write some more songs.  I’m running a touring nanny business and also, I need to put down the phone and computer and play fairy adventures and hide and seek with my kids more often.

Please feel free to keep in touch through our website, facebook, etc.


See you out there on the road-somewhere on the diaper run.

For me it wouldn’t be a proper goodbye without a song.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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