Caffeine is all you need

I can’t live without it.  I went until 12:55 today and couldn’t see straight.  I went grocery shopping at 10pm last night (favorite time to get groceries)  and the checkout guy was talking about how he hasn’t had caffeine in a year.  So, I tried this morning.  Nope.

Plus Jason showed me this video of Fugazi champion Ian McCaye and I laughed so hard I almost puked my espresso up.  (not for kids eyes–mostly for people who have a sense of humor)



It’s weird, I’m not getting sleep-similar to when my kids were babies.  My oldest daughter is going through a long phase of insomnia (insomnia for a kid means up all night for parents).   One night we went downstairs and jammed out a song instead of going to bed (she only got up twice that night)…..I just stopped writing this and went on a 30 minute search on songs about insomnia…. It’s too much to research.  Off the top of my head Radiohead must have issues with sleep, there’s a Shins record called “Wincing the Night Away” with a song called “Sleeping Lessons” and  I think John Lennon must have written in moments of insomnia (just scroll through the Beatles catalog and see how many songs elude to sleeplessness-I believe most of those are his.)


My youngest stayed in her bed exactly one time over the past 3 months and the weird thing is, with kids up like newborns…as long as I have coffee in the morning and excercise regularly, I’m fine.  I still stay up until 1 am.  5-6 hours of sleep on average with a few interuptions and I’m functioning?  What is going on?  I am sure I was legally insane when my kids were 0-1 years old due to this.

Does this mean I should have just been running 4 miles a day when I had infants and then chugging a couple espressos? Would that have kept me sane?    One time with a new baby,  Jason and I just randomly fell down from a standing position due to exhaustion.  He fell back into a mirror and stood up and said, “What happened, did I just fall down because standing was too hard?”  Then a few hours later I did the same thing.


So, I have to say, I’m loving the mid-thirties energy (along with the coffee of course).  I’m not that tired.   I think it’s the best age.  Somehow I’m able to handle more, I don’t care about the things that I worried about in my 20’s.  I feel like if I had a baby it would be a piece of cake. (But I’m not! I’m just working a lot).

Do we always think the age we are is the best? That would be great to find out when you are 85-that your whole life you just keep liking your age more and more.


Oh and the music in our house update:  my kids are obsessed with Adele, they are singing Blondie songs, Mags is now exploring Alicia Keyes and revisiting John Lennon…and June asks daily for the Scientist song (Guided By Voices) there havn’t been any nick songs on in the car-step one on the better music chain is a success.




Article Posted 6 years Ago

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