Calvin and Hobbes: Real Life Portraits

Calvin and Hobbes photos in real life!There is no better feeling than believing magic is possible in real life.

I want my son to believe he is capable of great things, things that might seem unreal or outside the realm of possibility. When I teach him about myths and stories, I give him wings.

As a kid, that magic, for me, was a combination of cartoons, books and stories I told in my head. I yearned to watch the outside become what I saw in my dreams. Isn’t that what great artists create for us?

Well, one such photographer/musician/artist has done just that for all of the Calvin and Hobbes fanatics out there. He has melded the real world and the fantasy world together. By taking photoshop and comics of our Calvin, he has breathed life into the young troublemaker’s story.

Just take a look for yourselves….

  • 1. Golden Hour 1 of 15
    1. Golden Hour
    This is a perfect moment. To a be a leaf on a tree as they walk by, arguing...
  • 2. Mutant Snowman 2 of 15
    2. Mutant Snowman
    Calvin always did like messing with people with his snowmen.
  • 3. Spaceman Spiff 3 of 15
    3. Spaceman Spiff
    I loved when his fantasy life scared him. Remind me of ME.
  • 4. Snow Trip 4 of 15
    4. Snow Trip
    I want to go to there.
  • 5. Family Life 5 of 15
    5. Family Life
    Move over Norman Rockwell. Version 2.0 is here.
  • 6. Adventure Time 6 of 15
    6. Adventure Time
    Calvin and Hobbes were always about overcoming obstacles and wild adventures. I need more of that in my life.
  • 7. Mossy Posse 7 of 15
    7. Mossy Posse
    These two look at home in this setting. Radness.
  • 8. Film Noir 8 of 15
    8. Film Noir
    Noir just got... noirier. His crime dramas were letter perfect.
  • 9. Blaster 9 of 15
    9. Blaster
    Those blaster guns sure came in handy when mutant aliens came. And by that I mean his parents.
  • 10. Duplicator 10 of 15
    10. Duplicator
    Where and how and when will I get a duplicator? It would make parenting WAY easier.
  • 11. Crossing 11 of 15
    11. Crossing
    They say you can't cross a river twice. You're different, and so is the river. I'm older now, looking at this and... THE ONIONS.
  • 12. Serenity 12 of 15
    12. Serenity
    Another perfect moment.
  • 13. Failure Is Never An Option 13 of 15
    13. Failure Is Never An Option
    What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Thus, we have a definition for Calvin.
  • 14. Relativity 14 of 15
    14. Relativity
    We don't know how large we are until we see outside ourselves and look in.
  • 15. Real Life 15 of 15
    15. Real Life
    Calvin just makes sense in real life. Please visit the artist's pages, and support him!

All images by: Michael S. Den Beste – on Tumblr!

Well, didn’t we adequately prepare you for all the awesome? The good news is you can download them as wallpaper for your desktops. So, go do it.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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