Can You Travel With The Family And Save Money Too? How About A Sweet Retreat? (VIDEO)

Ooooh…I’m super excited to tell you about two of my passions that are about to collide full force, and you could be the beneficiary. As many of you who follow me already know, while I am a brand/blogger now, my background is actually telelvision. I spent nearly 20 years in TV news before getting kicked out on my fanny. That wasn’t a bad thing; it helped clarify a lot of stuff for me, and I was able to pursue my real passion, which is writing and communication. 

But as is often the case, life is cyclical, and you know what that means, right? I’m back on TV! I’ve been named host of the Live Well Network’s (which, like, is owned by Disney) newest, original program, called Sweet Retreats.

This show is so much fun and great for families, too, because we’re highlighting what is becoming a growing and economical way for people to vacation and a great alternative to hotels. I tend to think of families with kids, since I fall in that group. I remember when my kids were very young and we would vacation; the first thing they wanted to do when they woke up was eat. Heck, they’re still like that. It can be a bit of a hassle if you have to get everyone dressed and out of the room before you get food, so the convenience of having a full kitchen on vacation is quite nice. And think of the money you can save cooking your own meals!

The other thing I like is the opportunity to get off the beaten path. How many times have you been on vacation and never left the tourist trap parts? Renting a vacation house allows you to take in more of the local flavor you might not otherwise see.

And lastly there is the space aspect. Vacations are nice but admit it, they can be stressful if everyone is sharing the same small hotel room for a week. One bathroom? Yeah. Um. No.

When scouting locations, we like to pick a mix of popular places, like Washington DC, and others most people don’t think of but that have a lot to offer, like Amelia Island, Sanibel and Captiva (Florida) and Marfa, Texas. Some places are no-brainers like Napa, New Orleans and San Francisco, but we also look at locations that offer different architecture, decor and experience, like Breckenridge and Nashville.

We’re always looking for families to feature on the show, so if you’re interested in being cast on Sweet Retreats, send an email to the executive in charge, Cindy Connors, with a photo and a bit of information about your family, who you are and where you’d like to go.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up on a Sweet Retreat!



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