Capturing “Everyday Ordinary Life” For Our Kids

I think it’s great that we take our cameras to Disney World and our kid’s soccer games, but what about documenting our kid’s everyday lives?  They grow and change and BECOME who they are destined to be so quickly that if I shut my eyes for too long I am scared that I will miss it. By “shutting my eyes” what I really mean is not being fully awake and engaged and present for it all. I want them to remember what it looked like for them to grow up. It will all be gone, so very fast.

I found my first gray hair today, which is just one more reason that I am convinced life moves far quicker than we think it does. Wasn’t I just in my 20’s, like, a MINUTE ago? I know what you are probably thinking. There are too many school runs and piles of laundry and meals to be made and grown-up-jobs to be done that who the heck has time to just stay “present” in the “moment?” I don’t think being present takes too much extra time out of our lives, actually. It’s less about time and more about not taking our everyday ordinary lives for granted. When I capture my kid’s moments it SHIFTS my perspective and makes me a much more grateful and happy person. Journals, drawings, photographs, videos… WHATEVER. They all have the power to help us re-call what life was like “back then.” They all leave a legacy of memory for our kids to look back on.

Here’s a glimpse at some of our everyday ordinary moments. They are not perfect or planned, but they are us… and I love that my kids will have them to look back on one day. Oh, and my goal for the rest of my boy’s childhoods? To get IN FRONT of the camera more with them… they need to SEE that I was there.

Really. Truly. There.


  • Luggage Man. 1 of 23
    Luggage Man.
  • Eye Spy. 2 of 23
    Eye Spy.
  • Sneaking Treats. 3 of 23
    Sneaking Treats.
  • Swinging In The Park. 4 of 23
    Swinging In The Park.
  • Fix It Guy. 5 of 23
    Fix It Guy.
  • Hiding. 6 of 23
  • Lego Craziness. 7 of 23
    Lego Craziness.
  • Standing Guard. 8 of 23
    Standing Guard.
  • Using Tools With Dad. 9 of 23
    Using Tools With Dad.
  • Bucket Baths. 10 of 23
    Bucket Baths.
  • Cake Eating. 11 of 23
    Cake Eating.
  • Hair Cutting. 12 of 23
    Hair Cutting.
  • Love From Dad. 13 of 23
    Love From Dad.
  • Before School Life. 14 of 23
    Before School Life.
  • After School Life. 15 of 23
    After School Life.
  • A Backyard Favorite. 16 of 23
    A Backyard Favorite.
  • How I Survive It All. 17 of 23
    How I Survive It All.
  • They Are So Much Bigger Now. 18 of 23
    They Are So Much Bigger Now.
  • Rainy Season. 19 of 23
    Rainy Season.
  • Backyard Bucket Time. 20 of 23
    Backyard Bucket Time.
  • All Tuckered Out. 21 of 23
    All Tuckered Out.
  • Homework Time. 22 of 23
    Homework Time.
  • Window Gazing. 23 of 23
    Window Gazing.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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