Capturing Holiday Memories

I’ve talked before about being a total Christmas junkie; I just love it. Seriously. The lights, the events, the songs (well, with a couple exceptions), the traditions (again, mostly). I love having my daughter (now six) as an excuse to indulge in even the most ridiculous of the local holiday events, and watching her face glow during a silly and hokey light show… well, it makes me just love Christmas more.

But while I gamely take photos of my daughter sitting on Santa’s lap and posing in front of sparkling Christmas trees, what I really love more than anything is capturing the unexpected holiday moments such as the photo over to the left there of Tori and her “Uncle” Jim.

Yesterday we went into downtown Philadelphia to enjoy a couple of holiday things, particularly the old-fashioned yet still charming Light Show at Macy’s (formerly Wanamaker’s). As we left the house, our family friend Jim texted and asked if we had plans for the day. We agreed to meet for lunch.

Jim has been a guest for Christmas dinner at our house for over ten years now; he’s the ideal guest because he loves everyone, diffuses any tension, and cleans the dishes after he eats (and he makes the BEST mashed potatoes EVER). Jim is delightful, sings opera, loves cute boys, and is funny as hell.

But more important than all that? He saved my daughter’s life (and mine) the day she was born.

Pregnancy did not come easily to me, and even with medical help it came at a great cost. When I finally got pregnant with my daughter, the pregnancy was fraught with terror as I worried that my high-risk pregnancy would result in yet another pregnancy loss. But it went well, all the way into my 34th week of pregnancy, when it all suddenly went wrong.

While I was sleeping, my placenta simply detached from my uterus wall well, most of it. About 30% was still attached. As I slept a rare sound night’s sleep for me during that pregnancy I was slowly bleeding out.

But early that morning, my phone rang. It was Jim, and he said, “I don’t know why, but… I needed to call. Are you okay?” Charlie (my husband) answered the phone, but I got up as well. It was then I realized I had bad cramps (I can’t believe I slept through them either), and when I stood up blood gushed out of me, all over the floor. It was like a horror movie. When I went to the bathroom, I passed a clot the size of a softball.

It was terrifying.

We (obviously) hung up on Jim, rushed to the hospital, and less than an hour after Jim’s call my daughter was born, healthy and normal and not even needing the NICU even though she was over a month early.

It was a miracle.

So you can see why the above photo is so important to me. That man there saved my kid’s life, and it’s absolutely the best gift I’ve ever been given. So, thank you Jim, and thanks for meeting us for lunch so I can remind you again how important you are to us. Merry Christmas.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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