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I have hundreds, possibly thousands, of pictures of my children. Stuffed in scrapbooks, stashed away in boxes waiting to be loaded into frames and photo albums, sitting on my hard drive — there are few weeks in my family’s life that have not been documented in pictures.

But I haven’t captured nearly as many memories on video. I guess I’ve always waited for some super-special moment to film. You know, a first word, a first step, a family vacation. Ordinary moments somehow just didn’t seem video-worthy.

And I have to say I really regret that.

Every now and then I come across a random video on my hard drive, one that captured an ordinary moment, and it literally takes my breath away.

Like one of Clara toddling across the floor clutching a tiny shopping cart, shot about two years ago. Her sweet expression! Her huge eyes! Her tentative steps, her obvious pride. Video captured that moment in a way no photo could, and in far more detail than my memory could offer by itself.

Every time I watch a video of my kids it’s like traveling back in time. I’m reminded not just of how they looked, but of their voices and mannerisms and expressions at that point of their lives.

I just looked at the wall where my kids mark off their height, and see that my oldest son grew about four inches in the last six months. Since he began eighth grade in September, he’s grown muscles, all kinds of new hair, his voice has deepened and he’s suddenly…a young man. It happened right before my eyes, so gradually that I almost didn’t notice it.

Children change…and fast. And video captures who they are today like nothing else.

Over the next few months I’m going to be writing about capturing family memories via video as part of a  S0ny campaign. Because after watching that video of Clara, I’m more determined than ever to make a point of recording our family history on video…without always waiting for everyone to be dressed, combed, and picture-perfect. And not just the big moments — vacations and “firsts” — but the small, everyday stuff, too.

In fact, I think I’ll grab my video camera and shoot some footage right now.

So what if nothing special is happening? I’m guessing that in 10 years, I’ll treasure that footage of Owen munching on a peanut-butter sandwich.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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