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will ferrellCelebrities make pretty much everything look easy and manage to look fantastic while doing it, even keeping fit. But when it comes to 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers, the marathon, we’re all on equal footing.

Though I get a lot fewer blog posts bashing my race times than these celebs do. Seems like if they run slow, people are thrilled to beat them. If they run fast, people doubt their time or if they ran at all. Clothing choices are scoffed at, training plans mocked, post-marathon photos go viral, like Pamela Anderson’s after the New York City marathon, 2013.

Anyone who runs a marathon is hurting at the end, I don’t care if it is done in Paula Radcliffe’s world record time or Al Roker’s seven-hours plus. 26.2 miles is a freaking long way to run and anyone who accomplishes it has a right to feel proud and to not be mocked, gloated over, or doubted.

Click through the slide show to find out who has run the distance and to read what they have to say about running, the marathon, and pushing to their limits.

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    What do celebrities say about the marathon and about running in general?

  • Will Ferrell 2 of 13
    will ferrell

    "Running a marathon is not a question of whether it will be painful, but when it will be painful. It does help to have a sense of humor, but I'm also respectful of the race.

    It's truly an amazing event. Along with the history and everything, it's a bit of a blur," Ferrell said. "Heartbreak Hill felt like a lovely summer day ... and then you get hit over the head with a hammer."

    Will Ferrell 3:56:12 2003 Boston

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  • Oprah Winfrey 3 of 13
    oprah winfrey

    "Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."

    Oprah Winfrey 4:29:15 Marine Corps Marathon 1994

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  • Pamela Anderson 4 of 13
    pamela anderson

    "Yeah, I finished, it was hard," she said. "Those last five miles. It was like giving birth and then being told to run as you're giving birth. It was so much pain in my hips. I don't know if women are meant to run, especially after having kids."

    Pamela Anderson New York City 5:41:03 2013

    (sorry Pamela but the winner had a son in 2008 and she is running strong)

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  • Al Roker 5 of 13
    al roker

    You don't know what to expect. Before the race people are coming up to you and asking, "So, what time are you looking to do?" I'm thinking, *Time?! What?! Are you crazy?! I just want to finish this thing!* I didn't know what to expect. I remember looking at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and thinking, What have I signed up for here? It's one of those things where you're like, "Okay, here we go!" Your corral starts off and you start running, and I guess the adrenaline kind of gets you going, and you're literally off to the races; you're fine."

    Al Roker New York City 7:09:44 2010

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  • Katie Holmes 6 of 13
    katie holmes

    Holmes She says she did it. Conspiracy theories say she didn't. I'm going to believe her.

    New York City 5:29:58 2007

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  • George Bush 7 of 13
    george bush

    "I set my sights on Houston, which gave me some more time to train. I ran it in 3:44. I ran the first mile in 8:30 and the last mile in 8:30. It was one of the great experiences of my life. I learned that running can make you feel 10 years younger the day of the race and 10 years older the day after the race."

    George Bush 3:44:52 1993 Houston

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  • Ryan Reynolds 8 of 13
    ryan reynolds

    "I would sooner be prime minister of the moon than run another marathon. I've been really lucky. I didn't have any toenails fall off or anything disgusting like that. I still have all three nipples."

    Ryan Reynolds 3:50:22 2008 New York City

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  • Edward Norton 9 of 13
    edward norton

    "Anybody who is running a marathon or doing a walkathon, doing a fundraiser for their school, their company, by far it's guaranteed the easiest and most fun way to quickly set up a fundraising campaign and send it around to your friends and family."

    Edward Norton 3:48:01 2009 New York City

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  • Alanis Morissette 10 of 13
    alanis morissette

    "Running has made being depressed impossible. If I'm going through something emotional and just go outside for a run, you can rest assured I'll come back with clarity."

    Alanis Morissette 4:28:45 2009 New York City

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  • Sean Combs 11 of 13
    sean combs

    About his training: I'm avoiding alcohol and sex right now. To indulge, I take a bath, do some aromatherapy, with some lavender scent. I get a massage once a week."

    Sean Combs 4:14:54 2003 New York City, ran with a goal of beating  Oprah's time

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  • Paul Ryan 12 of 13
    paul ryan

    "Better tell the truth about those times, at least within an hour. Does that mean I can clock my 4:17 as a 3:17? I won't. It was 4:17, Fargo Marathon, 2012. That's no sub-three hours, but is a lot better than my first: 4:39, Twin Cities Marathon 2011."

    Paul Ryan

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  • Rachel Pieh Jones 13 of 13
    rachel pieh jones runner1

    "I can do better."

    Oh wait, that's me not a celebrity. Ah well, I can do better, and in fact did. Shaved 22 minutes off my time for a personal record at the Fargo Marathon, 2012, of 4:17

    If I can do it, just like all of these celebrities, you can do it. Consider making 2014 the year you finish a marathon. Or the year you start running. Happy racing!

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