Changing the World is Easy

Slacker social activision made easy

Did you know how easy it was to change the world? You don’t have to move to Calcutta or give up your comfy life here in the West. We always think that we can’t “really” make a difference, and that is a lie. I’ll prove it’s a lie today. Ready?

A dollar can provide clean water to an African for a year.

A dollar.

100 pennies.

Crazy, right?

Starting today I am giving up my quad-ventis, sodas and candy bars for 40 days. The money I usually spend on my bad habits will be sent to Blood:Water Mission (What’s with the name? Blood- Combating AIDS, Water- Providing clean water). That money for all my bad habits will change the lives of hundreds of people forever.

Forever. You with me?

That’s crazy awesome!







Just my quad ventis alone are (yikes) almost $80 a month. Add that to my love of Reeses Cups and Diet Dr. Pepper and it all adds up. I’ll change the world, help provide clean water, and drop a few pounds this month. I will still drink some coffee- otherwise I may be a public safety hazard. 🙂

It is the beauty of digital world: we can bind us together in love, we can give some of  our excess and really change the world.

That is awesome.

Join me here for the 40 Day Challenge.

Even if you only do 1 day, 1 week or all 40 Days, you will help change the world. Share what you can. Even $1 will provide clean water for a year for someone.

Change the world

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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